Introducing Kelly Ferguson, one of Bunny Studio’s valued freelance writers

A multi-talented freelancer based currently in Ohio, Kelly is first and foremost a researcher. Her defining characteristic is that she never stops learning and striving for more.


February 2019



Approval Rate

83% (6 projects)


English - North America

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How was Kelly’s writing career going before she joined Bunny Studio?

Before joining Bunny Studio, Kelly was doing her best to propel her freelance writing career to another level. With nearly a decade of freelance writing under her belt, Kelly had relied on cold pitches to prospective clients and word-of-mouth recommendations to generate new work. Though that system was tried and true, it was also incredibly time-consuming.

Then, her son came along. Suddenly, Kelly’s schedule was even more demanding than before. As a single mom working from home with little time to spare toward dredging up new clients, Kelly needed something better.

I’d find a prospective client, write a compelling pitch, and then I’d do whatever that client needed according to their deadlines.

What personal and professional challenges led Kelly to Bunny Studio?

Thankfully for her, Bunny Studio provided exactly that solution.

Now, Kelly is able to log on and choose from available projects based on her schedule. No more frenzied nights trying to meet a word count for a particularly picky client! It’s the perfect recipe for success for this working mom.

She loved the fact that Bunny Studio writers can set their own rates. As an experienced writer, Kelly had no use for the “content mill” sites that many writers fall into.

The higher pay and flexible schedule were more than enough to convince Kelly to send in an application!

The nature of freelance writing tends to be feast or famine. When I find myself without enough work, I log on and, voila: new projects I can complete! If I have too much on my plate, that’s okay too. There’s no pressure to accept projects I can’t handle.

Life as a Bunny Pro

Over the past decade, also, Kelly has fully embraced the freelance lifestyle and has learned many new skills she offer as well.

She taught herself computer programming and now offers a variety of services in Python and Java for Android. She took courses in business marketing, including social media marketing, so she can offer a more well-rounded service profile for her clients.

As a Bunny Studio Pro, Kelly plans to keep learning, growing, and expanding now that she has the time and resources to do so. Voice acting through Bunny Studio’s platform has always held a certain appeal, and that might be the direction Kelly chooses next.

For a writer who is always looking to move onward and upward, Bunny Studio holds a ton of promise! Kelly is excited to see where the path leads next.

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