How Bunny Studio Fueled Kenneth Toles’s Voice Career

Kenneth Toles, a curator of characters and wizard of storytelling, loved breathing personality into his narration. But life as a freelancer didn’t quite offer him the consistency and opportunities he had hoped for. We sat down with Kenneth to tell the tale of how Bunny Studio became a staple in his voice acting career.


August 2017



Approval Rate

95.3% (328 projects)


English - North America

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Kenneth’s Voice – BC (Before Certainty!)

When Bunny Studio met Kenneth, he was swimming in a sea of competition. Despite having started his voice acting career in 2014, the talented vocal artist struggled to find his wings. As he brawled his way through the audio landscape, he wasn’t getting much work. And such was despite already having produced a couple of audiobooks. Inconsistent income and the lack of prospects became his two worst arch enemies.

But Kenneth was reluctant to abandon his dream and his passion. He knew that his dynamic voice could offer so much more to the world. And so he drifted lost until chanced upon Bunny Studio, a golden vault of uncovered opportunities.

The biggest challenge I faced that led me to Bunny Studio was finding work. It seemed like every project I could find had to be auditioned for, and most of them required an agent.

Kenneth’s Voice – AD (Actualizing Destiny!)

With an “Open Sesame!” the talented voice artist aced Bunny Studio’s only required audition and entered Bunny Studio’s cave of wonders. With renewed hope and a myriad of scopes, he gained access to a steady work flow which in turn generated more projects.

Kenneth now begins his day with a daily dose of project recordings. With Bunny’s streamline process, he’s happy to be able to work on other things for the rest of the day. When asked how the platform has impacted his career, the voice actor said that he relishes the opportunities it presents. He further quips that he enjoys the influx of consistent projects without having to pay an arm a leg for membership fees.

But the path to happier clients is always paved with tweaks of improvement. Kenneth admits that some oiling might be needed between Bunny Studio’s voice talents and its clients. He believes that an open form of communication can help to get projects done quicker, and with more accuracy.

I see Bunny Studio as a permanent staple in my life, and a catalyst for realizing my potential. Because I get to work on opportunities of different genres, I’m able to polish my vocal skills every day as a voice artist.

Charming Audiences with Warm Vocals

Kenneth describes his vocal range as having a mid to low timbre. Warm, calm, and youthful, his voice has embellished many compelling commercials, audiobooks, animation, and video games. But amid his craft in an array of genres, the voice actor still revels in voice over character work because of his personal sentiments.

With one set of vocal cords, Kenneth vivifies many personalities with his range of proficient accents. Such include American, Southern as well as subtle Russian and British English. Kenneth is equipped with a Master’s Degree in English and Screenwriting. Although he has honed capabilities of script writing, he currently channels all his efforts in developing his art of voice acting.

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