How Bunny Studio Opened Up A World of Opportunity for Khalid

Khalid El Harrak was clear in his goals – he wanted to make a successful living as a freelance voice over talent. However, it was not always clear how he would achieve his objective. Until he joined Bunny Studio. Here, he tells us how working at the Bunny Studio helped him access a whole new world of opportunity.


April 2018



Approval Rate

87% (16 projects)



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Khalid lacked focus in the beginning

Freelancing is an enticing gig, but it’s certainly not an easy one.

While Khalid loved being a freelancer, he found some aspects of the job challenging, especially in the time before he joined the Bunny Studio.

It was difficult to offer his services at a price that was worth both his time and effort. There was a lot of competition out there and it took a lot of hustle to stand out. A lot of time was spent looking for clients, networking, and negotiating. Every new client needed servicing; this included an in-depth explanation of how he worked and handled projects, whether or not he threw in free revisions, how they should transfer the money, and so on.

All this had to be done without knowing if the prospective client would book a job or not. And even if they did, there was a chance he would not get paid as sometimes it was tricky to perform transfers, especially for international orders. Khalid ended up giving away a lot of recordings for free.

These challenges are to be expected for any freelancer, but they did end up taking up a lot of Khalid’s time, effort, and resources. He was struggling financially, getting paid less than expected, and most importantly, he was not focusing on what he wanted to do which was to work on his recording skills and constantly improve his performance as a voice-over artist.

The most frustrating thing about working as voice over artist outside Bunny Studio was trying to explain to my clients how I work and how I handle projects, you always have to let them know how they will receive their recording, how they should transfer the money, if I can give them free revisions, etc.

Bunny Studio gave Khalid the freedom to focus on what he loves to do best: voice acting

When Khalid made it into Bunny Studio, he realized how much freedom he had gained.

He no longer needed to spend time looking for clients. He didn’t have to send samples, or answer questions one by one, or negotiate the price and deadline. There was no discussion about how they would transfer the fee over.

Bunny Studio took care of all of those details.

So because he no longer needed to worry about the operational details of running a freelance business, Khalid was free to concentrate on what he loves: voice acting. All he has to do now is accept bookings and start working, giving his best without any stress.

He is enthusiastic about the team behind the Bunny Studio, citing how helpful they are. He no longer feels like he’s doing everything alone; today he is part of a family that helps him grow and thrive. He also lauds the transparency of communication within the company and every project- it is very clear what he should fix and why.

Most importantly, Khalid feels like he’s growing. Every recording is a chance to do better, every revision requested is a lesson, every mistake is a chance to learn.

I think what I love about Bunny Studio is the way I was treated, I feel like I was welcomed in a big loving family, and I didn’t feel even a single time that the person who pays to get a service is more important than the person who gets paid for his service.

The future is bright for Khalid at the Bunny Studio

Khalid is steadily working towards building enough confidence to tackle bigger projects. His latest challenge is to get into audiobooks and he wants to be able to do it right. However, one thing he knows for sure is that Bunny Studio is the place for him to realize his dreams. Bunny Studio was built with thought to be a place where freelancers can focus on what they do best: their jobs. It’s a place where you’re awarded when you do more. For Khalid, this is no run-of-the-mill freelance platform; it’s a place that cares enough to pick up the phone just to say “Sorry, the project you’re working on was canceled”.

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