How Bunny Studio Enriched Laura Vandiver’s Voice Acting Career

With a degree in theatre, Laura Vandiver harbored all the starlit ambitions to grace Broadway. While working towards her big break, her voice found a stage with Bunny Studio, and the love was mutual! We go behind the mic scenes to bring you the chronicles of Laura’s Bunny Studio experience from the Big Apple!


April 2014



Approval Rate

89.4% (443 projects)


English - North American

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The Tribulations of a Performer

Green and lean out of college, Laura had all the qualifications and qualities of theatre performance bagged. With aspirations for a voice on the musical stage, the budding star packed up her life and moved to the city of dreams. But living in the urban jungle of New York City wasn’t quite a breeze. Even though she booked a couple of roles, she was living from paycheck to paycheck. Surviving in NYC required epic costs to actualize epic dreams, and Laura realized this reality quickly. Despite excelling in a touring theatre company, she still struggled to make rents. She knew she needed a solution to supplement her income quickly.

Laura couldn’t afford to take the progressive and traditional path of most performers. Spending her days on casting calls for shows and film projects seemed unpractical for someone in the red. Yet, the creative whiz didn’t quite fit into the cliché of waitressing. Undaunted, Laura stuck to her guns. She was sure that there’d be a better way to apply her skill set and have a creative outlet. All while being able to pay the bills.

I wanted to be performing, not hoping and wishing that a casting director would watch my 30-second audition after I’d been waiting around all day. It seemed like a colossal waste of time.

Opportunities Wrapped in Different Packages

Still fresh to the scene, Laura was at a crossroads. Finding a stable flow of work was the challenge faced by most performers. Furthermore, Laura did not have an agent and had no idea where she could find a reliable one. It really isn’t quite as straightforward as attending a 9 to 5 job. Eventually, Laura confided in her mom, who suggested she recorded a voice over demo instead of auditioning in person. With no expectations or hopes on where this would lead, she gave things a shot, trying her luck with a couple of freelancing websites. Her voice soon prevailed, and she started booking gigs quite frequently. This spurred the talented voice actress to seek the vaster horizons of the international marketplace.

Even though Laura had some bookings down, her voice acting career didn’t entirely take flight until she bumped into Bunny Studio. Knee deep in research, she decided that Bunny Studio might be worth her attention. On the contrary, Laura felt intimidated by the legion of seasoned voice pros the platform partnered with. She wondered if she had what it takes to become one of them. The artist knew she would never know the answer to that question if she didn’t try. With her beautiful voice, she rose to the task and became Bunny Studio’s new rock star.

The Starving Artist image is often glamorized in books and movies, but I had no desire to live that lifestyle. Making a living in a creative field can be difficult. Still, Bunny Studio has helped me build an artistically fulfilling career while also building a thriving business.

Along hopped a Bunny

As a Bunny pro, Laura loves and feels respected when she gets paid for her auditions. Through this, she feels that the time and effort invested in crafting high-quality auditions is appreciated. Not to mention, the support and helpfulness she experiences with the Bunny Studio team.

7 years in with voice acting, and 5 years as a full-time voice artist, Laura reflects on how Bunny Studio has impacted her career. She recounts that the platform has been a staple in her business. It has brought her a steady flow of work in the form of both recurring and new clients. Furthermore, she relishes the world of creativity by applying her passion and soul to the performing arts. The prospect continues to bring Laura excitement as she grows in her voice range, skills, and earning capabilities every day. Though, as she sometimes struggles with inconsistencies, she admits that Bunny Studio could practice better and uniform standards for quality control.

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