Lauren Gobes Turned a Career In Stage Acting, into Voice Acting

Like most of the world, the pandemic adversely affected New York stage actor Lauren Gobes’ income. Foreseeing that the hiatus would be indefinite, she fully evolved her theatrical presence to the audio medium out of necessity. This road to stable earnings was, however, paved with adversities. Here’s Lauren’s recount of how Bunny Studio transformed her voice over career from surviving to thriving.


January 2020



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Lauren’s Gift in the Performing Arts

She is a singer, educator, director, and choreographer. But above all, Lauren has more than 20 years of experience as a stage actor. She started training herself in voice acting 15 years ago and picked up professional voice-over (VO) jobs even before becoming a Bunny Studio Pro. But the audio industry had always been gladiatorial. Despite making some progress, Lauren’s grueling efforts, immense experience, and adept expertise could not see her VO career further. The voice talent project sought opportunities through various freelancing sites, yet she could not yield a steady and meaningful income.

“Because of the pandemic, I was determined to create a thriving voice-over business, but it wasn’t quite happening. I had heard from colleagues that Bunny Studio could be an excellent VO income opportunity, so I decided to give it a try.”

A Disguised Turn of Events

Social distancing curtailed most of Lauren’s physical job opportunities in the past year. On the other side of the coin, the entertainment industry’s downfall led to a massive increase in audio content consumption. Research demonstrates that 54% of brands have increased their digital audio marketing expenditure since the pandemic started. Although so, the freelancing market is saturated with more than 1.1 billion independent workers worldwide.

Vying for consistent and good-paying voice over opportunities has been a tedious venture for Lauren in the last decade. However, with other work avenues now restricted, the adaptable artiste set her sights to make voice acting her primary source of income. She set up a professional home recording studio and took stay-at-home recommendations to heart. After tumultuous endeavors, Lauren eventually heard about Bunny Studio and became a Pro. She has never looked back since.

“I’ve found the Bunny Studio service team to be really top-notch and responsive! Even the QC rejections I got early on were helpful. They helped me to really examine my audio quality and take steps to improve it.”

The Bunny Studio Difference

Even though Voice Bunny works with a database of over 28,000 voice artists, Lauren says the platform provides her with ample project opportunities. Once the articulate voice actor got used to the platform, it became her largest regular source of VO income. Lauren took delight in the redundancy for try-outs in the Bunny Studio work process as a stage actor used to auditioning herself. The go-getter now works on honing her deliverables’ quality and submitting them on time rather than wasting hours on applications. Albeit stressful initially, the Pro interface’s deadline countdown clock has trained her to become ever-ready, quick, and efficient.

Not having to deal with clients directly allows the Pros to concentrate on what they do best, but it can impede communication speed and the project’s progress. Lauren appreciates the Bunny Studio team’s responsiveness on that front. She has an ambitious financial goal this year and does not doubt that the platform will help her get there.


Delivering Like a Pro

Lauren describes her voice as warm, rich, resonant, and trustworthy. Today, she spends her days recording and editing voice overs in an Auralex Acoustic foam sound-proof home studio equipped with a Rode NT1 mic, a Focusrite interface, and Adobe Audition as her DAW. Lauren adds flavor and localizes her deliverables with British, Irish, General Southern, Midwest Farm, and Long Island English accents. The versatile voice actor can also do a convincing German accent and speak basic French, but she continuously seeks to expand her range.

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