To Ljubinko, Bunny Studio Is All About The Best Possible Approach

As somebody starting a new professional career a fourth time around, Ljubinko Zivkovic should have been accustomed to all the challenges of working as a freelance writer. After a long-run of low-paying jobs that were often confined to commercial product descriptions, he got in touch with Bunny Studio, almost by chance. To him, this presented an opportunity to resolve all these challenges and find a solid base on which to build upon his freelance writing career.


May 2019



Approval Rate

83% (6 projects)


English - North America

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Freelance writing before Bunny Studio was like running a marathon with hurdles

It is not easy to give thoughts about how you start out as a freelance writer. Recalling the time when he contemplated what to do after his contract as a translator with the UN expires in mid-2015, the idea of becoming a freelance writer seemed not only logical but also as an easy transition. After all, he was to live and work in The Netherlands, where freelancing is ‘as easy’ as registering with the Chamber of Commerce and off you go.

Along with that, the fact that his knowledge of the English language, as his working tool was on the native should have opened quite a few markets for him.

But as with any new profession, starting out always has that word ‘new’ or ‘newbie’ almost as a cross you bear. Who do you solicit with? Who will give you a job with practically no portfolio and possibly a good word of your own?

So as any other prospective ‘newbie’ he started out with big and not so big-name outsourcing agencies. Of course, there you encounter everything from, strange writing tasks and doing somebody’s homework to not getting paid a single penny for your work.

No matter how accustomed you think you are to change, initially, it felt like running a marathon with hurdles of different sizes.You quickly realize why some of the biggest-name outsourcing companies for freelance writers are labeled as ‘content mills’. Whoever gives the lowest bid has the advantage. The quality can matter, but then it doesn’t have to. In the end, if you run into a scammer, you might not even get paid. 

Bunny Studio system and approach benefit both writers and clients

Giving a testimonial about his cooperation with Bunny Studio is a much easier proposition. Ljubinko made a run through a gamut of freelance agencies where free-for-all is predominant and also looked into experiences of others well or not so well-known writers through their articles or blogs available online.

The first thing that he found striking was the setup itself, with everything explained in detail to both clients and writers, as well as other freelancers Bunny Studio works with like translators and voice artists. No big promises or boasting, just facts – from the testing itself to the work process and the way payments for the jobs done are made.

One of them, now I don’t remember who it was, mentioned Bunny Studio as a reliable setup with quite a strict testing setup but with a possibility of getting some solid, constant writing work. The story from there on has one denominator – good, satisfying cooperation.

Bunny Studio for Ljubinko

What Bunny Studio has meant for Ljubinko is the fact that he can count on a relatively constant flow of work, of course, depending on the quality of his performance. For him, this is probably the way of overcoming one of the key hurdles in being a freelancer- having a constant flow of work and income. And that is where the uniqueness of Bunny Studio comes to the fore – the fact that there is a clear, cordial relationship between the company and the writers on one side and clients on the other.

Still, with all the accolades and opportunities, there is always a possibility of improvement. Looking at this aspect from a writer’s side, this would mean giving a chance to potential clients to know the Bunny Studio writers and their work a bit better through special profiles and resumes.

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