Bunny Studio Helped Lonein Lara Widen His Reach

All-American voice talent Lonein Lara had the talent and the experience; he just needed to reach a wider market. Bunny Studio helped him achieve this goal.


April 2017



Approval Rate

97% (1,133 projects)


English - North America

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Lonein was pulled in many different directions

Lonein Lara has 15 years of experience as a voice talent, starting out doing voice overs at a local radio station. Unfortunately, while he enjoyed the work, he found that no-one truly recognized or appreciated the work or even him as an individual and a cherished employee. There was very little love and care put into those radio spots. For someone like Lonein, who needed an outlet to express himself creatively, this was understandably difficult. He was also putting in a lot of hours driving and going to studios around the city.

To supplement his income, his also did work for an agency he was a part of. While he enjoyed this gig, the work was few and far between. Compounding everything was the fact that a lot of time was spent driving to and from the radio station and studios around the city. Time is money and time spent in the commute is not time well-spent.

Lonein was definitely looking for more creatively-fulfilling work. He was looking for another way to offer his services to people he could not reach. Yet.

I felt like I could be doing more or I in some way just wanted people to know I was available to offer my services.

Bunny Studio helped Lonein find his footing

Finding Bunny Studio would prove to be the turning point Lonein was looking for. He found out about the Bunny Studio on a YouTube video several years ago. A voice actor was talking about how she enjoyed working on the (then quite new) freelancer platform. Lara found the interview compelling and auditioned.

Upon acceptance into Bunny Studio, he found that it was really beneficial in opening up his horizons. He found it exciting to be given the opportunity to audition for contests. These contests would prove to be stepping stones, from which he achieved more work, bookings, and eventually repeat clients.

He credits Bunny Studio with making the platform as intuitive and easy to use as possible for the voice actors. He likes how the team is constantly working to make the platform easier to use. Most of all, he enjoys how appreciated the voice actors are for their work. Moreover, this appreciation was not simply in the form of praise; it translated into more bookings, more work and better earnings.

I think actors really appreciate the recognition for their work.

Now Lonein is using his voice to motivate and inspire others

Today, Lonein is having the time of his life doing what he loves to do best. While 15 years have passed by in a blink of an eye, he believes that the best is yet to come as he has only just scratched the surface of her potential.

His warm, sincere, and relatable voice is perfectly suited for his favorite type of work – inspirational and motivational commercials. While he definitely loves using his voice to inspire people, he also has extensive experience with corporate commercials and product releases. And even though clients prize her ability to sound conversational and friendly, he can definitely flex his vocal cord, providing edgier or more professional reads as required.

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