Get to know Michelle Colao, one of Bunny Studio' original voices

As a New York-based freelance voice talent, Michelle Colao found the competition of the voiceover market challenging to navigate. When she became a Pro in 2012, she realized that she had found a professional home for her expertise and passion.
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July 2013



Approval Rate

97% (4,268 projects)


English - North America

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What did Michelle Colao’s life and career look like before she joined Bunny Studio?

Michelle Colao started her voice career as an on-air radio talent. However, after five years in the industry, she felt her interest in production pulling her in a different direction.

Before becoming a member of the Bunny Studio team in 2012, Michelle had been honing her craft as a freelance voice actor for more than seven years. While she was passionate about the work she was getting, finding work was not always fun.

As is often the case for talented people in competitive job markets, Michelle found marketing herself to be difficult and time-consuming. When you’re pursuing your passion, spending most of your time looking for work, selling yourself, and auditioning can be disheartening.

To some extent, most freelancers struggle a bit, at times. Despite the benefits of freedom and autonomy, without the support of a team. One day, while looking for work in all the usual places, Michelle stumbled across an ad for Bunny Studio. Lucky for us, she decided to take a shot with something new.

It was a struggle to know where to find work or actually get work from the marketing I was doing to prospective clients. There is a huge talent base out there which creates strong competition between everybody when it comes to auditioning for voice over work of any kind. It is the daily challenge and unknown fear which makes you question your marketing efforts and motivation to really get yourself out there.

How the search for work and a new challenge led Michelle to Bunny Studio

Michelle had been working on her own for some time but was struggling to find a steady stream of work. Additionally, she didn’t feel that the jobs that she was getting offered enough of a challenge. The hunt was on for an opportunity that would elevate her to the next level of her craft. While she appreciated the small list of clients that she had accumulated on her own, she was looking for more consistency and stability.

During her search, Michelle came across an ad for what was at the time called VoiceBunny. The new voice over outsourcing platform was in its infancy, and the ad piqued her interest. She applied, and due to her previous experience and talent, soon became a regular voice over contributor for the growing platform.

I felt I wasn’t actually getting any challenge. I wanted one to help me strive to get to my next level of being heard and known by more than just a small list of clients I had already retrieved on my own. I happened to come across Bunny Studio during my search to find voiceover work. I decided to give it a shot and have been working with this great group of people ever since.

Michelle found a steady stream of work and newfound motivation with Bunny Studio

As a Bunny pro, Michelle found the challenge that had been eluding her. Instead of spending hours every day reaching out to new clients and recording audition after audition, she spends the bulk of her time actually doing what she loves.

Of course, one of the biggest perks is having such a wide variety of clients in one place. Moreover, Michelle feels that the projects available through Bunny Studio have allowed her “to dig deep” and realize depths of her potential and talent, of which she was previously unaware.

Furthermore, Michelle enjoys building a rapport with clients and the promise of long-term work. Not only does the platform deliver a consistent stream of work, but clients return because they appreciate her talent and quick project turnaround. Michelle was quick to point out that repeat business gives artists a great feeling and boost in confidence

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