How Bunny Studio Allowed Ming to Expand His Network

Before Ming began working with Bunny Studio, he felt he was stuck taking work only from local studios in his homeland of China. Now, he has access to high-profile clients worldwide and has worked with companies such as Mobil, PayPal, and the World Health Organization.


October 2017



Approval Rate

100% (24 projects)


Chinese - Mandarin

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How did Ming get started with voice acting?

With twelve years of experience under his belt, Ming can safely call himself a veteran voice actor. However, this was not always the case. As with any new voice actor, he had to start at the beginning and work his way up.

As happens with many voice actors just getting their footing, he had the talent, he just didn’t know how to expand his business. Ming knew that working with companies across the globe could propel him further than he ever thought possible. But he wasn’t sure how to get there using the local Chinese studios he started with.

Before I started working with Bunny Studio, I was working with local studios in China. However, I wanted to expand my networks and have more clients, especially those from foreign countries. I was stuck in a situation that I could not reach out to more audience and that kind of bothered me. 

What’s different for Ming now that he works with Bunny Studio?

Right away, he was thrilled to discover that he no longer had to scour his networks in search of voice acting work.

Most freelancers are the only employee of their own personal business. A freelancer must handle marketing and advertising their talent, finding new clients, maintaining a roster of existing clients, following up on leads, accounting and bookkeeping, and any other duties associated with their business, all in addition to the main work they actually perform.

Bunny Studio acts as an agent for each Pro they hire. Gone are the days where Ming had to be his own agent and find the time to market himself. Now, that job is done for him so he can focus on what he loves: voice acting.

Professional marketing agents take charge of attracting clients for him. Ming can simply record his projects and trust that there will be more work waiting for him whenever he wants.

The business model of Bunny Studio is unique. Unlike other popular voice over platforms, where you need to be your own agent as well as a voice over artist. 

What is Ming’s life like as a successful voice actor?

As a Chinese native currently based in Shanghai, Ming boasts an impressive portfolio of clients. He works across a huge variety of industries and has partnered with a number of high-profile businesses through Bunny Studio.

The seriousness with which he takes his work is evidenced by the broad success he has had with freelancing. He records clear and professional Mandarin Chinese voice-overs for commercials, product videos, and other media within the corporate space. Instructional how-to videos, tutorials, and educational pieces also fall within his wheelhouse. He doesn’t feel limited to these industries, but the smooth and professional quality of his voice lends itself naturally to this type of work.

In addition to voice acting, Ming provides English to Chinese translations, allowing him to diversify his specialties and reach an even wider network of clients. He does this under the Bunny Studio umbrella as well, without having to rely on other freelancing sites.

By reaching across industries and becoming a reputable and highly-rated freelancer in many different areas, Ming ensures the future success of his career. No matter what curveballs one industry may throw at him, he will be there to pick up the slack with another.

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