How Mohita Found Her Voice Home With Bunny Studio

Mohita is one of our star voice pros at Bunny Studio, and we are excited to share her story. We love chatting with our pros and seeing how, though their stories may be so different, we all have consistencies that bring us all together. Read on for Mohita’s story.


February 2014



Approval Rate

91.4% (96 projects)



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Looking to grow her skills and for better platforms brought Mohita to Bunny Studio

Based in Pune, India, Mohita has over seven years of experience in the voice industry. However, she began to look for more and better online platforms to increase her revenue as well as her fulfillment in her work. When she was searching for where she could better use her voice talent, she received an email from Bunny Studio inviting her to apply. She realized there was nothing to lose, so she gave it a go. She’s right, there’s nothing to lose by applying to Bunny Studio, and oh, so much to gain!

Mohita shares with us that once she found Bunny Studio at Bunny Studio, she saw her skills developing and herself growing more as a professional. With a voice that she describes as friendly, trustworthy, and familiar, Mohita’s voice is the perfect fit for such a variety of projects.

And it’s true. Bunny Studio does hold its pros to high standards, knowing they can perform. The best of the best work here, and their creative skills are in high demand in a variety of genres and types of voice work.

Bunny Studio helped me gain confidence in my skills and also improve the quality of my recordings. Because of the exposure I got to varied types of work and the strict quality standard that is acceptable on Bunny Studio.

Mohita’s unique language skills and a global community

Many of our professionals have the gift of speaking in more than one language, or even more than one dialect within a language. Mohita shares with us a bit of background on her language skills. She’s Indian so, by default, she’s native in both Hindi and Marathi. She’s also proficient in English since all her education was provided in this language.

On the other hand, Mohita loves working with others to form a global community. Bunny Studio provides opportunities to meet and work with people from all around the world which not only enhances one’s professional life, but also their cultural one.

Speaking of the professionals here at Bunny studio, Mohita speaks very highly of the customer service. Often pros and freelancers in this capacity at other companies struggle with customer service and feeling like a number rather than a person. Bunny Studio makes sure everyone here is a valued, professional individual. That’s just one part of what makes our culture so great.

Another thing she loves about Bunny Studio is the pay structure. Mohita tells us, “Bunny opened up avenues to working with international clients that paid higher for similar jobs.” Again, this goes back to valuing pros for being pros.

The staff at Bunny Studio is the most helpful, polite and always follows through my queries till I am completely satisfied.

Bunny Studio is lucky to have Mohita, and we could be your home, too

We wish her all the best and know she can do whatever she sets her mind, too. Thank you, Mohita, for sharing with us, and we are so lucky to have you!

If you’re interested in finding a place where you can thrive with your own unique talents, Bunny Studio could be the home you’re looking for.

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