How Bunny Studio and Natalia Linares Became a Dynamic Team

Natalia Linares has always been a connoisseur of colors and an alchemist of animation. But despite her artistic gifts, she found herself caught between the devil and the dead blue sea. But that was where she found Bunny Studio! We sit down with Natalia to get the buzz on her experience with the platform.


June 2020



Approval Rate

100% (3 projects)

Areas of Expertise:

Motion Graphics Design 2D Animation

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Natalia’s Catch 22

On and on, the monotony goes. The prospects conglomerates offer might be bright, but sometimes, it’s also where creativity flat-lines. At least, according to Natalia. Starting off as a designer, the talented artist entered the world of animation in 2015. She joined the production arena, creating animated infographics for banks, companies, education, and health. She then moved on to an advertising agency as an editor and motion graphics artist, to expand her horizons.

As time went by, Natalia stepped down from corporate shenanigans with aspirations to try her hand in the field while running solo. As a creative whiz with burning yearns, she wanted to expand her creative scope and explore her new world capabilities. But rather than relishing her love for animation, she spent more time searching for clients and handling administrative loose ends.

When I decided to be a freelancer in design and animation, I realized that I must also assume the mediator’s role with the client. That made me take significantly more time to finish a project. In addition, it is currently difficult to find new clients.

Hopping into a Bonafide Bunny Solution

After Natalia joined the freelance platform, she said her experience has been a pleasant one. But the pleasure was Bunny Studio’s too. The experienced talent could now concentrate on what she did best – animation and design. And of course, the platform was certainly more than glad to have her on the team. As a tried and true Bunny Pro, she no longer had to bounce back and forth in uncertain communication with clients. Rather, Bunny Studio handled all the communication, breaking down information into bite-sized pieces so that all she had to do, was hop right into the creative process.

When asked, Natalia said she appreciated Bunny Studio’s work model the most. She loves that projects come in fast and with diversity in scope. All that, thanks to the array of talents in audio, design, and video coming together to create magic. The prolific designer and animator discovered newfound passion and motivation in her career through new challenges that pushed her limits with every new project. She gradually began to see her skills and knowledge blossom, and her productivity increase over time. Natalia took pride in being part of the competitive Bunny Studio because it delivers high-quality standards and renders her opportunities to learn from others.

What makes Bunny Studio different is undoubtedly the easing of communication between clients and talents. All thanks to the team who simplifies the information and speeds up the process for the best results.

In for the Long Haul

Five years in, Natalia continues her journey to enriching her skill set. She characterizes her work as being swift and communicative. The experienced artist has worked with Bunny Video on television and visuals content on sports, beauty, and food. Honing fluid and dynamic animation, she skillfully finds a specific graphic line for each project. No matter the industry, Natalia’s mission to effectively and compelling communicate the client’s message remains constant and strong.

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