How Bunny Studio Showed Translator Natascha Schmiedeberg Her True Value

With 15 years of experience as a freelance translator, Natascha Schmiedeberg was looking for interesting work and meaningful connections with clients who recognized the value of her work and compensated accordingly. Bunny Studio provided her with a safe space where she could grow.

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Freelancing is the best

Until it isn’t. For Natascha Schmiedeberg, she knew she had a gift for translation ever since she translated her first document. However, as most freelancers know, the journey isn’t always smooth and not all clients are understanding or even professional. Natascha was frequently tasked with translating extremely boring documents and badly written articles.

Worse still were the ones who refused to pay, even employing tactics like convincing Natascha that her translations were of poor quality. Clients would vanish without a trace after getting their translations.

Freelancing is unfortunately difficult to regulate, and professionals who go it on their own frequently are unable to seek recourse if they are being treated unfairly. Most simply have to tighten their belts and swallow the losses. Fortunately, Natascha’s language pairing of German into Spanish meant that she always had a stream of decent work.

But she wanted to invest time into an agency that not only provided consistent work but valued her as an individual.

Sometimes I get answers, sometimes not, I just move on and focus on my daily tasks. So I didn’t choose Bunny Studio, rather Bunny Studio chose me.    

Destiny calls

Natascha is a proactive professional; putting an hour aside every day to apply to new, appealing opportunities. That’s how she came upon Bunny Studio.

She instantly saw that the Bunny Studio was cut from a different cloth. For one, they offered excellent payment terms that initially shocked her. The source material was excellent, and the deadlines very reasonable. The well-written copy was easy to work with and the deadlines allowed the text to “rest” which is crucial for achieving a first-class translation.

And what a team! As a freelancer, Natascha was used to ungracious behavior. She was elated to find that the associates at Bunny Studio were positive and encouraging, always on hand to offer a helping hand or a positive comment. Their responsiveness made her realize that with the Studio, she was truly a part of an organization, a team that was devoted to creating the best work without sacrificing their humanity.


Sometimes I get answers, sometimes not, I just move on and focus on my daily tasks. So I didn’t choose Bunny Studio, rather Bunny Studio chose me.

Great Things Await

Her most memorable project was also her first one with the Bunny Studio. She showed her skills by translating a French text into Spanish, despite having studied only very little French. She got the job done without even consulting a dictionary, with both Bunny Studio and the client lauding the results.

Natascha is excited to embrace what the future holds, expanding her boundaries with bigger projects while also juggling studies in Art History and Musicology. Recognizing her ambition and interests, Bunny Studio has given her the opportunity to work on projects with topics related to her field of study. Today, she is content that she has found a great place to grow, amongst a great team that will support and encourage her success.

In this industry, that cannot be taken for granted.

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