Rajneesh Tiwari’s Journey to Bunny Studio

Grab a coffee or tea and pull up a seat as we sit with Rajneesh Tiwari and hear his journey from anchoring and stage performance to being a shining star at Bunny Studio. Oh yeah, we may hear some of his tales of his work as an engineer and business analyst at his multinational firm as well.


March 2019



Approval Rate

90% (29 projects)


Hindi English - India

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Finding a Home With Bunny Studio

With a passion for voice work and a clear, attractive, baritone voice, Rajneesh always knew sharing his voice was something he wanted to do. From his early childhood days, he wanted to perform, and during his school and college days, he did do this as an anchor and stage performer. Now, he has taken his beautiful voice and turned to voice work. He has been doing this for the past two years, along with succeeding as a business analyst in a leading multinational IT company.

Currently located in his hometown of Jabalpur, India, Rajneesh has also worked in Pune and Mumbai. The lovely thing about Bunny Studio is our talented actors can work from anywhere in the world. We love to make it easy for everyone. And Rajneesh noticed this as he searched for his voice home.

Before he began with Bunny Studio, Rajneesh was faced with the challenges of juggling his business career and his voice work. He didn’t have the time to search for clients, travel to studios, or handle negotiations. And then he found the Bunny who does that all! Rajneesh tells us that he enjoys this platform, and not only is it a hassle free experience, but a trustworthy one, too. Here, he can focus on his art.

You just need to focus and take care of the voice part, and you are done.

Growing with Bunny Studio

Here at Bunny Studio, we value our talent. And we love that they see this. Rajneesh tells us that Bunny Studio lets him follow his passion and handle the voice work. We do the rest. No worries here of searching for and negotiating with clients, instead our talent can focus on the voice work.

He also speaks highly of our Quality Control team because they check the audio, share valuable suggestions if needed, and pass the work on to the client. In his experience, he sees that once the QC team passes the project, it gets approved at the client’s end, and this just elaborates the efficiency of the QC team and the whole process.

Another thing Rajneesh shares with us is the opportunity here to create a unique identity. “I just love this voicing world,” he tells us, and with Bunny Studio, he can make his mark. We love to help our actors get to this point and watch them thrive. Here at Bunny Studio, none of our talent is a number or simply a name. Each is a talented professional with personal goals and unique talents. We strive to help our artists develop these talents, meet their goals, and thrive beyond expectations.

I am passionate about voice-overs, so I want to dedicate much of my time to recording voice overs and improving myself every second of my time and that is where Bunny Studio plays a key role by handling all the client negotiations things, and lets me handle the voice overs only.

The Voice, The Magic

Now we come to the voice. The magic of a voice artist. This is the voice artist’s paint brush, and Rajneesh certainly creates beautiful images with his voice. His voice is clear and attractive and perfect for commercials, product videos, corporate videos, audio-books, instructional how-to videos, educational, spiritual purposes, and more.

He offers a variety of voice over services in Hindi, Indian English, Bhojpuri and Sanskrit languages and can modulate his voice in Neutral Indian and Bihari (Bhojpuri) accents. He also has the ability to alter his voice to work in various styles and moods such as calm, soothing, caring, authoritative, angry, animated, aspirational, conversational, courageous, educational, deep, dramatic, and commanding.

We can’t wait to see and hear more of Rajneesh’s work, and we are so fortunate that he found the Bunny.

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