Rita Makokha: How to Become a Professional Writer When You Didn’t Even Know You Could Write

As a self-taught writer, she chose what to learn and how to learn it, but it wasn’t always this simple. We asked Rita’s opinion on how Bunny Studio helped her professionally and personally, and this is what she had to say.


October 2018



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100% (6 projects)


English - North America

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Unplanned Beginnings

Rita’s first writing assignment was an academic essay. She was in her second year studying Statistics, and she was looking to earn some money on the side. But she stumbled onto something more than an extra income; a passion she never knew she had. With time, she realized her interests lied in article writing rather than academic writing.

She realized academic writing wasn’t giving her the freedom to express herself creatively as a writer. She needed to write posts that informed the readers as well as entertain them.

Finding her passion was one thing, but Rita soon realized that finding decent work would be a problem.

First, she lacked an educational background in writing. A lot of clients also wanted native English speakers. Feeling desperate, she settled for any job she could find.

Clients would take advantage of writers on content mills, asking for free samples that they would later publish as website copy. I got tired of being scammed.

A Glimmer of Hope

A constant flow of work? Check. Timely pay and communication? Check. Flexible hours. Check. Bunny Studio had everything Rita had been looking for in an employer.

Being a Bunny Studio Pro allowed Rita to focus on being the best writer she could be. Bunny Studio handled the clients, and she handled the content.

As a self-taught writer, Rita understands the struggles freelancers face starting from scratch. Being a Bunny Pro gave her an advantage over other writers because she was visible. A person’s skills are of no consequence if they don’t showcase these abilities to the right clients. Bunny Studio gave Rita access to just the right clients. The topics she writes about challenge her writing as well as research skills.

You know how freelancers go through that feast or famine cycle? Well, Bunny Studio offered me a constant flow of work when I didn’t have much to depend on. Besides, I get to have fun working on the projects.

The Bunny Studio Office

In Rita Makokha’s opinion, working in Bunny Studio is any writer’s dream. For a long time, she was worried about the security of getting paid for her work. As a freelancer, Rita has dealt with her fair share of bad clients. So much so that she got used to late payments, late updates, late everything. At Bunny Studio, the payment process is very transparent, and if there is a delay, Rita rests easy knowing that she will be updated as soon as possible. She also sets her own hours, and gets enough time to research, write, and edit her articles.

Bunny Studio has provided Rita an opportunity to reach new clients and expand her knowledge of different industries including voice-overs and audio ads. She admits to being nervous when starting out. Rita didn’t know what to expect from Bunny Studio, but as soon as she signed up, she knew it was meant to be. She wasn’t just looking for a side income anymore; she was looking for work that could challenge her skills as a writer and marketer.

The bitter truth of freelancing is that even writers with years of experience often get paid less than what they deserve. Rita feels valued and appreciated being a Bunny Studio Pro.

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