How Seth Carper Rediscovered His Love For Writing

Professional writer and graphic designer Seth Carper found himself at a crossroads when his employer reduced his full-time job hours. With a need to supplement that lost income, the wordsmith soon rediscovered his love for writing. This is his Bunny Studio journey as a writer and how the platform saw his family through financially rough waters.


December 2017



Approval Rate

100% (33 projects)


English - North America

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A Born & Bred Writer

Seth loved words. He had known that he wanted to become a writer since high school and set about building his career around becoming a journalist. While working towards attaining a college degree in professional writing and publication, he bolsters his experience in writing, proofreading, and even layout design at a small publishing company.


But the industriously driven Seth is creative in more ways than one. Graphic design unexpectedly took reigns of his calling over the years, and Seth eventually lost his bearings in his writing endeavors. Even though life had led him down a different path, the certified word whiz never lost his passion for writing. Little did he know that the roadblock he would soon face would rekindle him with his linguistic aspirations.

“Many other freelancing platforms allow anyone to sign up, so there’s a huge pool of writers that makes it difficult to stand out. I really appreciated that Bunny Studio required an onboarding test article. To me, that shows that the clients know they’re coming to the site for writers who write well.

On-Board the Bunny Studio Bandwagon!

ASeth soon ascertained that Bunny Studio clients were earnest in paying for high-caliber writers. Today, the prolific South Carolina writer takes on different assignments and delivers work in all writing categories: Speedies, Contests, and Bookings. Although he finds that these options keep things interesting, he particularly enjoys tackling Speedies.

“The time deadline of Speedies really enables me to buckle down and focus on writing my very best within a tight window of time. I particularly enjoy the challenge of that.”

In the background, go-between Bunny Studio managers unfailingly assist him responsively where needed. This dismissed the cumbersome need of having to communicate with clients directly. The platform also presents him with ample opportunities to continuously refine and hone his writing skills. On a personal level, Seth is learning new things with each Pro. He recounts that and researching topics for articles helps him to grow as a person. Even though the Pro only offers Bunny Studio’s writing services, he is also a professional photographer and graphic designer.

“Bunny Studio is an exciting part of supplementing my income. It’s a wonderful platform that’s definitely helped me and my family get through tough times. I also like that Bunny Studio is continuously adding other categories of services. It keeps the platform attractive and brings in customers for a variety of services.”

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