How Steven Cifuentes Became a Resident Audio Post-Production Engineer at Bunny Studio

Poly-muse Steven Cifuentes is all about sound. Audio engineering, music production, audio ads, teaching; you name it, he does it! But when the pandemic struck, the full-fledged self-employed audiophile suffered income instability. Here’s Steven’s recount of his experience with Bunny Studio as an audio post-producer.


August 2020



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Areas of Expertise:

Audio Post-Production and Edition

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One Studio, Many Talents

With six years in the audio production industry, the talented Steven owns a recording studio. Life was but a dream as he earns from a euphonious passion while fine-tuning his musical pursuits. He wondered down many paths. The experienced sound engineer even taught music production in some academies around Bogotá city and worked with advertising companies to produce authentic masterpieces. His studio was a hub that concocted endless possibilities in his exploration of building a sound career.

“Because of the pandemic, it was difficult to get constant work. I knew about Voice Bunny and decided to apply as a post-producer. With that, I consistently receive projects as a post-producer. That provides me with some income stability alongside my other freelance jobs.”

The Entertainment & Media Industries’ Great Depression

Then came the pandemic, a cataclysm that swept its income-shattering impact across the globe. The entertainment and media industry was massively hit. So much so that even L.A. officially reported substantial job losses out of its 890,000 show biz employees. This impacted all corners of the world, including Steven’s. Income became unstable, and the sound engineer had to seek other viable income sources.

Despite the decimated economy, Steven identified the situation as a mere shift in trends. A huge surge in online media consumption happened over the year, which resulted in a demand for videos, podcasts, and music content. Digital media became a gold mine of opportunities for work-from-home audio producers. Amid this, Bunny Studio, a self-serve content production company, has weathered the pandemic storm well. As such, Steven applied to become a post-production Pro on the platform. He soon took on project opportunities and earned extra income to help him survive these trying times.

“I think Voice Bunny will continue to expand in its services and grow in its number of clients. I hope that it will eventually offer services that I can partake in such as creating original music or mixing audio for video, games and other areas.”

Making a new path in the freelancing world

According to the post-production engineer, the Bunny Studio difference was instantaneous. Having worked with advertising agencies, Steven recounts that developing a commercial spot is usually a tediously slow process. Approval was hard to get, and he has to wait for long periods of time for the client to make decisions on the voice and music. Revisions were also inevitable but a painfully tiresome and repetitive process in production.

Steven said that the ease of Bunny Studio’s process streamlined the communication process to lightning speed. Because the client makes these decisions at the very start, production can roll along quickly after that. Bunny Studio Pros only have to concentrate on delivering projects with high quality and speed, which appealed to the talented sound producer.

Bunny Studio is in Steven’s Cards

With the platform expanding its services rapidly over the last year, Steven intends on sticking with the platform through its growth in clientele. That said, the ambitious Pro has great aspirations for his partnership with Bunny Studio in the future. He is also keen on extending his services in writing, podcast editing, and music creation.

For the time being, Steven works safely from home. Tucked away in a professional recording studio, he uses an Apollo x6 interface, UAD-2 quad satellite, Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones, Korg Sv1 keyboard and iMac 21″ to deliver his projects. The sound techie works with an AKG 414, sm57, and AT2020 microphone for recording. He taps into Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Studio one, Kontakt libraries UAD Plugin Alliance and Waves plugin software to edit each masterpiece to perfection.

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