Tatjana Auster Shares Her Story With Bunny Studio

German voice artist Tatjana Auster shares with us her journey of voice work. Before finding Bunny Studio, she did much of her work in external studios. Now, she has found in Bunny Studio a place where she can do what she loves from the comfort of her home.


December 2012



Approval Rate

95% (150 projects)


German - Germany

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Voice Work for Tatjana Auster Before Bunny Studio

Tatjana Auster is a German voice artist and actor located in Neuss, Germany. She has been working in this field for over 25 years. One thing that draws her to this field of work is the variety of her jobs. While she prefers advertising and voice-over work, she can also successfully perform radio play roles. Her repertoire also includes audiobooks and radio commercials.

Before finding Bunny Studio, she did much of her work in external studios. Though this was doable, she often found it inconvenient when she had the ability and the equipment to work at home. This can be frustrating for those whose jobs require them to work in external spaces. It can also take a toll on personal lives with commutes and extra time and expenses.

Another factor that led Tatjana Auster to search for something new was the challenge of the English language and the time zones. One of those perks about freelancing is working on your preferred hours. However, when work hours begin to interfere with personal and family life, freelancers can be turned off and look for new projects. She also would find herself a bit isolated without someone to turn to when she had a language question or other inquiry about the work. This again isn’t unusual for freelancers. It is one of the trade-offs of working on your own. Though freelance work offers a lot of flexibility and choice, it also has the potential to bring a sense of isolation and detachment.

I found the rabbit very likeable as well as the friendly and personal tone of the staff. When I have questions, the team helps me very quickly.

Finding the Bunny and the Difference It Made For This Voice Artist

Once Tatjana found Bunny Studio, things became easier for her. Often, freelancers can breathe a sigh of relief when they find a happy place to work that can provide support and a community, yet they can still have the autonomy of the profession. This is a common theme with Bunny Studio. No longer is that sense of isolation present and Tatjana knows she has ample support when she needs it.

Tatjana Auster found that strong support network at Bunny Studio. She says the team is nice and helpful. Someone is always there to help out quickly when she has questions. Another advantage of working with Bunny Studio is that she can work at home and utilize her own studio and equipment. Being able to work in her own studio makes her life easier, she told us. She enjoys being able to simply go upstairs and work rather than drive anywhere to record.

Jobs I can do in my studio make my life easier. The recording studio is on the top floor of my house and I don’t have to drive anywhere, which saves time and money.

Tatjana found in Bunny Studio a great ally to work from home

We are happy to have Tatjana Auster on our team at Bunny Studio. Her varied skills and years of talent are an excellent addition. Not only is she is skilled at voice artistry, but she also is a talented writer currently writing scripts for various shows. Along with this work, she has written several theater plays. She hopes her latest will be premiering in December as long as the current threat of the Corona virus has passed.

She also shows that no matter where you live, you are welcome in our Bunny Studio community.

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