In today’s multicultural world, why is hiring a Japanese English translator important? Some people think this is an unnecessary expense, but in reality, getting a translator for your business or personal documents is a must.

With 127 million speakers, Japanese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There is a clear distinction between Japanese and English, and having a Japanese English translator on your team will do wonders for your business and make sure your content does not get lost in translation.

The Job of a Japanese English Translator

Japanese and English are both spoken by millions of people, but that does not mean translation services are not important. Just because someone cannot speak Japanese or English does not mean it’s okay for them not to have access to content or information in the other language.

Almost without exception, your customers will respond better to the language they are familiar with. For example, if a Japanese gaming company wants to infiltrate the American market, they surely cannot release their games in Japanese. Similarly, if an American makeup brand wants to appeal to Japanese customers, it should have content in Japanese.

Speaking a language your customer does not understand will not work. This is the reason why there is a demand for a Japanese English translator. Since English is known as one of the languages of global businesses, translation services should not be underestimated.

International growth is likely to increase the profitability of companies, especially those that trade with the Japanese and American markets. If a product is launched beyond the borders of Japan or the US, a Japanese English translator is needed.

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Why Is Hiring a Japanese English Translation So Important?

You should understand that translation is not a single-faceted task. This challenging job can be tricky most of the time since there is a chance the document can lose its original meaning when it’s done by a person who does not have a good grasp of the Japanese and English languages. A bilingual speaker may be able to understand both languages well, but a native speaker or someone who has studied the languages for years will be able to do the job better than anybody else.

Japan ranked low in global English proficiency despite the constant refinement of its educational curriculum. Despite this, top brands still place weight on English proficiency even in Japanese marketing collaterals. This just proves the importance of a Japanese English translator.

Not only that, but some expressions and words are unique to one culture, and it may also mean something else in another language. Document translation is not just about doing a word-per-word translation but also making sure that the culture and context of the Japanese or English document are adapted. To do this, one must have an in-depth understanding of the languages involved. This is the only way cultural and communication differences can be bridged.

When not carried out correctly, the translated version would not be like the original one, and this can be a problem for your personal or business document. Quality and accuracy are two integral factors of a Japanese to English translated work.

Important Documents a Japanese English Translator Can Work With

Legal documents are very hard to understand in one’s native language, so translating them into another language is understandably challenging. Rife with translation rules, translating from Japanese to English or vice versa is no easy feat.

Usually, quality translation will require the help of a certified professional. They must also have an understanding of the standard of both languages. This will ensure that the document is translated accurately. Here are some documents a Japanese English translator can work with.

Immigration document

It’s essential for individuals who are immigrating to Japan or the United States to have an in-depth understanding of the documents that they are required to present. On the other hand, it is also vital for local governments to be aware of who is entering their country.

If an immigrant is not an English or Japanese speaker, they must understand what they should complete before going through the immigration or naturalization process. Having your needed documents translated with the help of a Japanese English translator beforehand will lessen delays and issues associated with the process.


If your company deals with patented information, ideas, or products, you must have both a Japanese and English copy, especially if you do business in Japan and the US. A translator will make sure that your patent will meet all legal requirements of the countries involved.

Certificates and licenses

Whether it’s birth certificates or marriage licenses, there is a huge variety of personal documents a Japanese English translator can help with. These documents are necessary for people who want to spend some time outside the country where the original document was issued. Laws vary from English-speaking countries and Japan, so research must be done ahead. This will ensure that all necessary documents will be accurately translated.

Financial records

Financial records must maintain the accuracy of figures and ensure that the people handling the documents will understand them easily. Document translation should be done by a Japanese English translator that is certified. The professional must also testify that the translation done is accurate and that all financial figures were not changed.

Educational transcript

Although transcripts are not entirely legal documents, some people travel to Japan or the US to study, and therefore their transcripts are important because it is the major document that will allow them to legally stay in the country where they are finishing their studies. Just like financial documents, transcripts must be handled by a certified professional to ensure that all information is true.

Litigation support

It’s confusing to keep up with a developing case, particularly one that involves a language you do not understand. Translators are helpful if you want to have summaries of litigation. This will aid you in understanding what happened during a mediation or courtroom session.


There have been tons of embarrassing cases where brands fail to release accurate translations of their ad copy. Can you imagine if you released a poorly translated email marketing video or a culturally insensitive ad? A Japanese English translator will make sure your message to your target customers remains accurate. The translator will also help you understand the intricacies of clichés and taglines.

Tips to Find the Best Translator

Not everyone speaks that same language, and that is one important thing that makes people unique. When it comes to business, communication is key, and this is where a Japanese English translator comes in. Choosing a translator can be a hassle, so to make the process easier, follow these tips below.

Ask for samples and references

When looking for a translator, you must check their previous work. This will give you a picture of how good they are at their job. But first, think about how you want your translation piece to be done so you can analyze if a translator is a perfect fit for your project.

Aside from checking samples, you also need to check for references or the people that the professional has worked with before. Reaching out to these people will let you find out if the work they had done before was satisfactory or not.

Check certifications

Choosing a translator who has a professional certification from a trusted institution is key. When you hire someone with the right credentials, it’s a guarantee that they will give you the right job performance.

Hiring a random translator that charges cheap is tricky since they may only know the basic words of the language you want to get a translation for. Aside from the certification, you should also check whether or not the professional is knowledgeable about the jargon of the language, especially in your industry. You wouldn’t want to hire a translator that focuses on legal documents if you are translating a fantasy book.

japanese english translator

Ask about their experience

The longer a Japanese English translator has worked in the business, the more experience they have in handling projects. Over the years, a translator has made errors and has learned from these mistakes. They have also tried out different techniques and have figured out the best one that works for them. Therefore, they can handle any job you assign them to do.

Experienced translators are also knowledgeable in using translation tools such as google translate, as well as manual translation. Their vast experience will ensure excellent results.

Assess if you need translation to be done frequently

Before deciding on a particular translator, you must determine how often you need the services of this professional. This way, you can contact that person again if you need another translation to be done. If you have a project that is not urgent, hiring a freelance translator is advisable. Individual translators are competent at their job, and they can handle any project quickly.

Check the value and not only their rates

It is tempting to hire a Japanese English translator that charges a low fee for their work. Although this situation can turn out great, the price of the translator should not be your concern. You should be more concerned with the value they can give your document. Hire a Japanese English translator that will give you value for your money. This is someone who can translate documents accurately and can deliver high-quality work at a friendly price.

Hire A Japanese English Translator

Almost all industries have to use the help of a translator daily to bring them more growth. Having a translator will make transactions easier for you, no matter what industry you are part of. Hiring a Japanese English translator is easier, thanks to BunnyStudio.