Video ads can add a new facet to your marketing campaign and bring in new sales and new customers. One important key to a successful endeavor is knowing the types of video ads and which one will suit you and your market the best, then go with it!

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Why Should You Market with Video Ads?

If you are working on an ad campaign, you’ve got to know that video ads are an important platform to take on. If you’re not using video ads, tells us, you are probably leaving yourself behind. With more and more consumers watching video ads and reacting to them, you should be using this platform to stay in the game. According to the piece on White Board Animation,

  • 92% of B2B prospects consume online video
  • 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day
  • About one-third of shoppers will purchase a product after viewing a video ad

Your target audience is watching video somewhere. Maybe the ads are on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, or even somewhere else, but the bottom line is they are watching video ads. And what that means is that you can reach them through your own video advertising.

Types of video ads for startups

Take a look at some of these specific reasons why you should incorporate video ads into your brand:


Different types of video ads convey different emotions. Have you ever teared up at a commercial? You know what we’re talking about. Whether it’s a moment of reflection or pride or success, video can reach the audience in a deeper way than a print or still ad. Yes, photos speak a thousand words, but videos can say even more.


Videos can tell a story in a few seconds or last a few minutes. Video is engaging and appeals to more of the senses than text. Your audience can witness emotion, hear laughter, take an exciting ride, and oohh and ahh over a cute puppy. The possibilities of storytelling are endless with video, and these stories don’t take long to tell.


Videos are shareable and great for mobile devices. How many times has a friend sent you a video? They are made to be shared, plus they’re easy to watch on a mobile device. Whiteboard Animation tells us that more than 700 videos are shared by Twitter users every minute. Think about those numbers…Wouldn’t you love your marketing to be one of those shared videos? It’s not just friend to friend sharing, but social media platforms are perfect for sharing, too. shares this valuable information:

…roughly three-quarters of consumers prefer video content over text ads. They stick in viewers’ minds, making brand recall more likely. Videos tell stories and help a brand develop its voice. Plus, native advertisements can blend seamlessly with their surroundings..

Now that you know just some of the advantages of video ads, let’s take a look at some of the different types so you can tell your own story and make those connections.

What are the Different Types of Video Ads?

Though you can find video ads on a lot of different platforms, like blogs and retail sites, we are going to focus on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. When you are deciding what type of video ads to invest in, think about where your audience is. Facebook users are very different than those that visit TikTok. or Snapchat. And the Instagram crowd is all about beauty and aesthetics. Gear your ad to your audience for success.

YouTube Ads

It’s hard to be on YouTube without seeing an ad or two. And believe it or not, plenty of people watch these types of video ads. YouTube’s platform is huge and this is a great place to incorporate your video advertising.

You can choose between TrueView ads, Non-skippable video ads, and Bumper ads on YouTube. TrueView ads are versatile and low risk; these are the skippable ads you often see before your material plays and the recommended videos you see. It’s a great way to get started with video ads because even if someone skips your ad, there was still engagement and it can lead to more.

Non-skippable video is a great way to reach your audience, too. These 20-second videos are the perfect length of time, and even if your audience isn’t watching, they are probably listening and absorbing what you’ve got to say. Make sure your audio is top-notch on these ads.

According to Hootsuite, bumper ads are the more tolerable version of non-skippable ads, lasting six seconds at most. They appear at the end of YouTube videos… Because they’re short, bumper ads are ideal for targeting mobile users. 

You can see, even in one platform like YouTube, you’ve got the choice of different types of video ads to fit your goals and reach your target audience.

Instagram Ads

When you are looking to reach the Instagram crowd, video is the way to go. People love their Instagram stories, and video gets great reaction. The key is making the first seconds pop and grab your audience’s attention. If you can tell a story within your video, you’re on the right track. Also with Instagram, make sure that the first image, like the first seconds, looks great. It will be on your thumbnail stories, and if it looks good enough, you’ll get that click. With Instagram, you have lots of opportunities for engagement, so include that call to action. Your audience can react right there, whether with a simple comment or maybe even a purchase.

Facebook tells us that Facebook video ads are some of the most effective advertising formats you have at your disposal. So you probably should be using them. This type of video ad is far-reaching and effective, it’s just what you want. Facebook has lots of users. Lots and lots of users. But part of the charm of advertising here is that you can customize your video ad to your audience. You can narrow down by location or by demographics, looking at gender, age range, relationship status, and education. Once you get the right audience on Facebook, they’ll start sharing your ad and then the work is basically done for you.

Let’s be honest, though, oftentimes users don’t want to see ads. They’ll try to block them, so this just means that your ads must be engaging and compelling. They need to be the ones users don’t want to block. And again, you’ve got to target the right people. Spend a little time on this so your video gets shared, not blocked.

Types of video ads for marketing

Making Your Ad Effective

Looking at the different types of video ads and some of the important reasons to market this way, you may be leaning towards getting started on a video ad. Awesome! As you do this, keep in mind the valuable components you’ll want to include in your ad.

Outbrain shares some of the best video ads and you can see how they take off generating hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of days. Check out this information on one of Target’s ads:

An example of how videos can show how products fit a person’s lifestyle and needs, American retailer Target scored big with a Spanish-language commercial for Cloud Island, its line of baby products. The content lasts only 15 seconds but features adorable images of parents and infants. Only nine days after arriving on YouTube, the video had more than 579,000 views.

The key here is relevance and using every second wisely. Plus adorable images of babies. Which means it’s visually appealing and sharable.

An effective video ad tells a story. The ad should speak to the brand showing what you do. A text ad is different; you don’t have the great opportunity to share real-life or a great story as you do in a video ad. So take advantage of this component and tell a beautiful story with a great video that relates to your brand. Draw your audience in. Captivate them. Use every second. You have the perfect combination of sight and sound here, so even if your audience isn’t “watching” they can still be listening and absorb your story. Connect emotionally and your job will be done.

Don’t forget to include a call to action. This all-important piece is often overlooked. However, when you leave your audience with a call to action, they will be more inclined to engage. Whether it’s clicking on something, subscribing, or commenting, you want that next step. Even the worst video ads with a call to action can get some engagement. When you share that call to action, your audience will be more likely to take it.

Another thing to consider is how your ad actually looks and fits the screen. Not only should your ad itself be beautiful and stick to your brand’s vibe, but it should also look nice on your platform. Instagram has vertical ads; Youtube has ads placed in different areas of the screen. Think about making sure your ads look great on both a desktop and a mobile device. All of these components are important because even if you have an amazing video that tells a great story, if it looks bad on your platform, your audience won’t like it.

Wrapping up the Types of Video Ads

Video ads are an important part of your marketing endeavors. The more you can engage on platforms that will reach your target audience, the more customers, conversions, and sales you’ll see. Video ads allow you to tell a story and enhance your brand. You hit more senses, you present opportunities for engagement, and you can create a video that is memorable and shareable. Decide on your platform and where you’ll capture the most of your target audience. Then create a video that will enhance your brand, engage your audience, and get those conversions and customers to you.