2020, a year of misfits, mayhem, but most of all, running makeshift shows featuring home bookcases and dining room cupboards. While the outside world slows down, video marketing trends 2020 are inching towards creativity when it comes to providing the forcedly recluse a virtual reality, and quite literally. In fact, the pandemic has been a catalyst for video viewership growth. The number of digital video viewers worldwide has increased from 2,632.2 million in 2019 to 2781.6 million in 2020, as reported by eMarketer. Think that will plateau? We highly doubt that. It’s been predicted that this figure will reach an astounding 2,915.5 million viewers by 2021.

Have you ever surfed through Facebook to catch up with your friends, and logged off an hour later after having saved a tasty new recipe and buying a new, high-tech pair of socks? Now let’s flip that perspective from a consumer to marketer. Clearly, video content is now an arsenal in every marketing communications utility belt. Whether you are doing your weekly online shopping, playing PUBG with friends, or mapping your journey to aunt Annie’s home, it’s all there on a flat-screen. Not convinced? This article on the perks of video marketing might just sway you.

Knowledge is power, but keeping up with new knowledge is nuclear. Flat screens are the cynosure of all eyes. Stay ahead of the LCD curve. But rather than bedazzling you with humdrum digital gobbledygook, we serve up the top 10 hip trends of the video world in 2020, plain and simple.


Video Marketing Trend # 1:

Live is Swinging Life Back

We know, live videos have been around for a while. But retro always comes back a colossal hit. Kind of like bell-bottom jeans, and aviator shades. Yes, 2020 is the year that has made it happen. Here’s why.

Locked in with Smartphones

Left your home without a wallet or socks? You’ll probably survive. But it’s going to be a nightmare without your phone! Everyone in this era owns a smart device of some kind that they can’t live without. And with stay-at-home being the tide of most of this year, social media is pretty much the only social interaction everyone is riding. Stressful commutes are out of the picture, and lazy idle surfing is in. More baking, home shopping delivery, and home-schooling mean more live product reviews, how-tos, and educational videos.

Smartphones are Speilberg Pocket Cameras

Smartphone cameras today are capable of capturing pristine images and videos. So much so that online viewers not only view but experience with you. With the ability to produce such quality literally at our fingertips, producing compelling, eye-catching video marketing content is no longer the privilege of large industry alone. It’s not just bloggers or vloggers who are going live with backlit cameras, we mean everyone!


Businesses want a Piece of the Live Video Pie

With the ghost town situation wrecking havocs in communities, there’s pretty much no better way to sell than to go digital. Businesses have thus gone full circle and are now harnessing the power of live videos to communicate with their consumers on a more personable level. Rather than spending heavily on “lights, camera, action!” equipment, less is more in this case. They recognize how quantities of frequent live videos can up their online presence with a more candid, emotionally resonating content. Ones that can spur some excitement to inspire some online impulse buying. That’s why more and more brands are now choosing to work with social media personalities and industry opinion leaders to reach communities and localize their brand with a personal touch.



Video Marketing Trend # 2:
It’s Hip to be Square

Just a few years ago, glorious widescreen televisions and surround-sound amplifiers were all the rage. The bigger screen the better the cinematic experience. Or so we thought. Sadly, this yesteryear trend is extinguishing. From the looks of it, if our habits continue to evolve, televisions might even become obsolete.

Television format videos used to beat digital content hands down. But research shows that as of 2018, the amount of time spent on watching television content versus digital formats are almost the same. And since 2019, digital video formats have taken over the race. This year, the average number of minutes spent on digital content is 451. This is versus the lagging duration of 363 minutes by traditional media.

With this major shift happening, mobile videos and images are evolving from the horizontal, wide-format we are all familiar with, to a vertical one that better suits smartphones. So much technological advancement, so many new devices, and so little time to create variations! We don’t blame marketers for struggling to keep up. Thankfully, this particular 2020 trend is easy to remedy. Just use a square format and all will be well. When Instagram launched, it had already accounted for this conundrum. At first, the new, square format seemed alien but now it’s commonplace. When it comes to Facebook, square videos take up 78% more space in the newsfeed section and receive a higher percentage of engagement.

Video Marketing Trend # 3:
Look out! It’s Right Behind You!

Can’t hop on a plane due to the border restrictions? Indeed, the pandemic has dashed many summer vacation plans this year. Where can one turn to for respite? As much as multi-tasking parents are limiting screen-time for their little ones, technology just keeps them trying. This year, the all-around-you 360-degree video format is on the rise, alongside virtual reality. It allows the audience to feel like they are right there, even though they might be in their PJs and slippers, and eating beef jerky on the sofa. You no longer need to walk out your door to get a 3-dimensional surround-sound movie. Here are some industries that have aced the tide.

Tour It

Seeing’s no longer believing, and experience is the new name of the game. We kid you not. This year, even as museums and some attractions remain closed, cultural bureaus have gotten creative in providing the same experience to those at home. You can now visit exhibits and interact with them from the comfort of your own living room. One country that has quickly embraced this trend, is Singapore. Check out examples of their 360 museum tours here. After decades of tourists complaining “it’s nothing like it was in the brochure”, consumers can now get the full picture, literally.


Sell It

And it’s not just touring, this new immersive trend opens a massive door of opportunities for so many businesses who are now struggling to survive. And it’s not just about revenue. Using 360 video brands companies as innovative, forward-thinkers, and tech-savvy. And if you’re still not impressed by this bait, here are some 2020 statistics that will reel you in, pun intended!

  • More than 19% of businesses intend to or have incorporated the 360 video experience on their platforms.
  • 360-degree photos yield 4 times more click-throughs and 200% more engagement than static images.
  • Videos with this format see a 46% viewership completion rate.
  • 74% of marketers dub the 360 experience a success.

Pretty cool technology huh? Complement your videos with special audio effects and you’re sure to make a huge impression? Check out these articles on spatial sound recording, and 8D audio to find out more.

Tip: Having the right format is crucial. Before you start getting with this program, it’s important to understand that most 360-degree videos that are compatible with social media platforms are in MP4 format.

video marketing trends 2020 for video editors

Video Marketing Trend # 4:
Social Media’s Here. Put Away that Wallet!

Steven Soderbergh, director of Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen, Erin Brockovich, and Magic Mike has all the film studio equipment at his disposal. Yet he chooses to film his movie solely on an iPhone. How cool is that? And with 72% of users on Instagram buy a product after watching a video ad on the platform, social media videos are both affordable to shoot, and yield effective conversions.

Making Affordable Videos

In a world of increasing costs, it is a welcomed relief that cutting expenditure no longer has to mean cutting content when creating your video. Even if you have the creativity of a potato and need to hire professionals to create your video, the rise in this gig economy means better animators, scriptwriters, video makers, and voice actors at competitive costs.


Promoting Through Videos

Without a doubt, buying video ad space on social media and streaming platforms is cheaper than a massive billboard in the middle of a remote highway, or a national television ad placement. Plus, you get to intricately segment your target audience so your videos don’t fall on deaf ears. Yes, data-driven video advertising is taking center stage. It’s a fantastic way to increase awareness of your brand or product. Want to get the best out of your marketing budget? Check out this article on Video Ads ROIs to learn more.


Selling Through Videos

We’re talking shoppable video marketing trends 2020. Don’t just tell people about your brand, add a call-to-action and sell it! Amazon, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the well-known platforms that carry the format. Not sure what they can do for your business? Check out some of the features and explore other platforms here.


Video Marketing Trend # 5:
Teaching the World

Videos don’t only have to focus on selling and promotion to reap monetary rewards. Let’s talk about home-schooling and online teaching. Whether it’s extra tuition classes or full-time educational programs, e-learning has pretty much been made compulsory this year. So when we talk about video marketing trends 2020, of course, they make the hit list. Here are a few video formats you can use to teach or instruct.

Training Videos

Training days can be a nightmare for employees. They have to take a day out of their busy schedule, sit in a soulless room, and listen to someone talk at them about the importance of spreadsheet maintenance is just far from appealing for anyone. A picture might convey a thousand words, but a video is worth a million. It transforms head-nodding dull topics or befuddling complicated concepts into easily-digestible information. With a few frames, and the magic of an amazing animator, training videos can say a lot more than a stiff-sounding manager in a stuffy back room. Also, by using video, you can train more employees at any one time – they can even learn in the comfort of their own home, saving money for the employer on all fronts.


How-to Videos

With most of the world with tinkering time on their hands, how-to videos have become a trend of 2020. Whether it’s learning how to repair a broken controller, or service the air conditioner, instructional videos have become a huge money-saver hit. But here’s also where businesses can shed some light to gain some limelight. How-to videos not only boost the credibility of a brand, they also help to increase brand awareness in new markets.


Educational Videos

Whether it’s school or skill upgrading classes, videos have become a prominent trend. For clients, e-learning continues to be a flexible, accessible option for those with busy lifestyles wanting to learn new skills. You can even integrate content training and marketing by offering a course as a reward for users who agree to share their data. Win-win!


Video Marketing Trend #6
From One to One Million

It only takes one engaged user to spread your message to millions of consumers across the globe. Just one. Take, for example, this 2020 Dollar Shave Club video that has been viewed more than 35 thousand times, and is now a billion-dollar brand! This is the potential that video marketing and social media platforms now hold. But the competition for clicks is rife.  Although production is now more accessible than ever with easy-to-use apps, video creation will always still require creative wits, a technical skillset, and knowledge of human psychology in order to launch a truly successful campaign.


Video Marketing Trends Beyond 2020

Should I Invest in These Trends?

It’s all been said, but should it be done? With the pandemic still floating about, these trends are very likely to extend beyond 2020. So we say it’s probably worth the investment and attention. Besides, many companies like Adobe and Amazon have taken a liking to work-from-home solutions. As such these video marketing trends 2020 inklings are probably going to stick around. If you’re still stuck to old marketing conventions, it’s time to make a switch. Here’s a quick look into the industry’s crystal ball.

  • Digital video viewership will continue seeing an increase of about 5% in 2021, and 10% in 2022.
  • Cisco predicts that video will make 82% of all online traffic in 2021. This is a 15% increase within a span of 4 years.
  • The average human will spend 100 minutes daily watching online videos in 2021.

Compelling much? Time to sweep away those virus-induced marketing strategies, and shoot for a winning viral video!


Video Marketing Trends 2020 in a Nutshell

Out with the bad chi and in with the good vibes. Despite 2020 being a challenging year, it inspires new marketing strategies and creative video experiments. It’s risky, no doubt. But you’ll never know what works for your brand until you try. Who knows? That brilliant light bulb of an idea might just shed some new light and build never-before-engaged potential leads. Should you be looking for a little professional touch, there’s always outsourcing. Platforms like this one might just surprise you with its competitive affordability, creative quirks, and high-quality results. It’s no longer about in-your-face selling. Think of yourself as an angler-fish alluring and entrancing its surrounding audience. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, let your consumers come to you! Incorporate these video marketing trends into your upcoming brand strategy for a big win.