Every week, there seems to be a new buzzword on social media. Now, it’s Twitter Spaces. This new opportunity presented by Twitter is expected to help brands and influencers develop a more tight-knit community and improve their exposure.

Spaces is described by Twitter as an experiment focused on human voice intimacy. This audio-only chat room is more widely available than Clubhouse.

Now more than ever, social media marketing plays a crucial role in your strategy to get more sales and audience. If you are looking for a unique and in-demand platform that will let you engage with your customers in a myriad of ways, Twitter Spaces is perfect for you.

This post has been updated in September 2021.

How Are Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse Alike?

If you’re a social media fan, you have probably heard of Clubhouse, a very exclusive and invite-only social media app. The audio-based social app is a big hit with venture capitalists, Silicon Valley leaders, and A-listers. According to its users, Clubhouse functions like a live-action podcast where people can enter different rooms and listen and join in on conversations about a vast array of topics.

Spaces is Twitter’s version of Clubhouse. It appears that the offers of Clubhouse and Spaces are quite similar, especially when it comes to interaction.

Unlike Clubhouse, which can be accessed only by selected people, Spaces can be accessed by everyone with 600 or more followers. Twitter spaces allow its users to make audio rooms and become part of the audio chat room by other people. Spaces allow 11 people, including the host, to join the chat, but the number of listeners is unlimited.

Twitter Spaces began testing its beta phase in November 2020 with only limited users. Now, it has become one of the fastest-growing markets for audio conversations. This initiative is part of the social media platform’s goal to increase its daily users to 315 million by 2023.

How Does It Work?

You may be wondering, how does Twitter Spaces work? It’s very simple. When you open your Twitter account, a purple bubble will appear on the top portion of your timeline when a live conversation is happening. Then, you can tap on the bubble if you want to join a space. Once you’re inside, you can send a direct message or tweet to the host if you want to speak.

If you host, you will have the ability to moderate your room by inviting other people and choosing who can speak. You can also remove any person.

You can create a space in two ways. The first way is to simply press the compose tweet button for a couple of seconds and press the Spaces icon displayed next to it. The second way is to select your profile image where the Fleets feature is located, then scroll to the far right corner and select Spaces.

Invitations on Spaces

Unlike Clubhouse, Spaces is public, just like tweets. It can be accessed by anyone who wants to listen, even people who do not follow your account. Each space has a unique link that you can share through DM or tweet. Twitter mentioned that the Space host can choose who can talk, whether it is among all users, people that are invited to speak, or people you follow.

twitter spaces

Why Is Twitter Spaces So Relevant Today?

Twitter Spaces is relevant because it is part of the rise of social audio. When big social media platforms such as Twitter make a feature like this, it’s a sign that the trend has a big potential, instead of being viewed as a fad.

This is important to remember considering the rate of audio streaming increased to 60 percent from 50 percent in the first quarter of 2019 to 2020. Audio-based connections have also intensified due to the pandemic and social distancing measures. Considering Spaces’ reach and new resources, it’s very attractive to brand owners.

Twitter will retain the copy of Spaces sessions 30 days after it ends, therefore giving its team a chance to review the session and look out for violators. If they find any, they will increase its lifespan to 90 days and ask more people to appeal if they think a mistake has been made by the host.

As long as Twitter retains the Spaces sessions, hosts can download its full copy. They can also download a transcript of the session if they enable transcriptions. This functionality serves as a complement to hiring a transcriptionist. Even though it’s still in its early stage, Spaces already has a wide array of features such as hand-gesture style reactions, sharing tweets, and live transcriptions.

How Can You Use Spaces to Improve Your Brand?

You may be thinking that Twitter Spaces is just another passing trend, and you are already managing a lot of platforms for your brand. However, trying out Spaces can be very beneficial for you.

If you do not have time and resources to plan out your content, a professional can help you use this platform. When you go live on this Twitter feature, people will immediately see you at the top of their feed when they are using their mobile app. This way, you’ll get more attention and prompt more followers to join and learn more about your brand.

Not only that, but Twitter Spaces will also help make your brand a figure of authority and share your expertise and knowledge with millions of people. When you do this, people will develop brand trust and begin to view your brand as an important resource in your industry.

Overall, the key to implement Spaces well is to find ways to use the feature uniquely. Once you do this, make sure to hold sessions consistently and maximize their potential. The best part is there’s no need to spend time being camera-ready. You can even host a Space even when you’re in your pajamas. And to make sure that you have more time for your spaces and don’t get stuck with your regular tweet updates, it can be beneficial to understand how to automate tweets and put your profile on autopilot.

Valuable Ways to Use Spaces

It’s hard to figure out what to talk about once you create your Twitter Spaces. If you don’t know what to do, you can hire a writer to make a script for you. The secret to Spaces is to figure out what your audience wants to hear. Here are useful ideas you can try.


One of the best things to cover on Twitter Spaces is to teach your audience how to do something valuable. Because there is no video or images on this platform, you need to communicate all your tips well so people can understand you easily even if they don’t see you.

So what can you teach people using just audio? For instance, if you are a voice actor, you can teach budding professionals how to read voice-over scripts properly. If you are a YouTuber, you can educate your listeners on how to grow their subscribers. There’s a myriad of things you can share with people. Just don’t be afraid to explore.

Getting feedback

When you’ve already built your brand, you may have an inkling of how important customer reviews are. When you have an understanding of what the audience thinks you should improve on, you can create better content for your customers and a better product. Thankfully, you don’t have to play guess. Simply go on Twitter Spaces and ask people for their opinion. This is effective because the live exchange will make people feel treasured.

Doing a question and answer

Your audience wants to know more about your brand, and Twitter Spaces can allow you to do that. Hosting Q&A sessions will encourage people to reach out and ask you the questions that are burning in their minds. If you think people won’t show up or be too shy to talk, ask them to submit questions ahead of your sessions. This is also a great way to prevent dead air as you go online.

Talking about hot topics

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your industry, you have to be updated on the hot topics that concern you. For example, if you are a branding coach, you can use Twitter Spaces to let your audience know how important email video marketing is. When you host hot topics people are curious about, it will show how educated you are on the news and trends.

Hosting an interview

One of the best things about this Twitter feature is it functions like a live radio show where your listeners can easily ask questions and share what they think about your audio chat. What’s more fun about Twitter Spaces is it’s easy for you to bring in guests.

If there is an expert in your industry that your audience loves, invite them to talk about a topic they are knowledgeable about. When you pick their brain, you and your audience can learn something new. Once the interview is finished, you can ask people to send in their questions similar to live panels.

Providing commentary and giveaways

If you own a media company or a business driven by sport, you can use Twitter spaces to share commentaries on live events and news. You can even use Spaces to bring more hype to your new products. Aside from commentaries, you can also leverage Twitter Spaces by using it to hold giveaways for your loyal customers. Chances are, your customers would love to receive free products from you, so they would surely listen to your session.

Twitter Spaces Is the Next Big Thing

Thanks to Twitter Spaces, your brand can gain more exposure, and you can have the chance to nurture your Twitter followers. As with any platform, make sure to use Twitter Spaces wisely and consistently.

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