It may just seem like a dream. The world of remote work has been calling you, but you don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to work remotely. You’ve yearned to free yourself, to be one of the lucky ones — able to work from anywhere they want. You know these jobs exist. But where? Whom should you work for? How to decide? How to succeed? Or, if you are a long-time digital nomad — whom should you be working with?

Learning how to work remotely can be pretty easy — if you have the kind of work ethic it takes — and the skills needed. How can you obtain this self-control and what are the skills? We cover these topics in this article. Picking the perfect company to work for can be a challenge. Is Bunny Studio the best remote company to work for?

In this article, we do indeed make our case for Bunny Studio as a premier “place” where people all over the world join together to make a successful company even better. So, let’s take a look at some of the lessons learned by a few of Bunny Studio’s team members, and hear what they say about how to work remotely.

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One of our sessions during the yearly company retreat

Lesson 1: A Strong Work Ethic

You’ve got to have some measure of self-discipline to work on your own. For example, you don’t want to work from bed. Working from bed may sound lovely, but it sets you up for problems. The main issue? The awkward positioning will cause your back and neck to retaliate. There is simply no sensible way to work from bed because of simple biomechanics and ergonomics. Choose a chair with a good back support.

You want a space to be able to concentrate, sit comfortably, and do your tasks. This really does affect your attitude and motivation. Sure, you have tremendous freedom when you learn how to work remotely, but you want to have a common-sense approach. You must have focus. For example, Juan Camilo says, “I work on tasks related to one thing until I can’t do anything else for it”.

Lesson 2: Time for Work, Time for Play

When you learn how to work remotely it is also important to stick to your personal time. Work is always waiting, and it can be tempting to work overtime. This can lead to burn out. Read what Nadeem Khaled says about this:

Other people can leave work at 6pm and not have to think about it until the next day. But when you work remotely, work is always just at your fingertips. Not having that division means that it’s up to you to leave work. If you have workaholic tendencies, doing that can be hard. So, manage and compartmentalize your time well”.

Lesson 3: Keeping Up Your Productivity with Time Management

You can learn how to work remotely without letting domestic concerns invade your serious work time. You want to always keep an eye on the clock. Let’s see how Emmy Tither manages her day:

I get very antsy if I don’t move around every couple hours, so I take frequent breaks. It’s usually a cup of tea and a quick dog walk, or at the least stepping outside”.

One of our sessions during the yearly company retreat

Lesson 4: Good Communication

Good communication is a very important trait in those people who know how to work remotely. Working with others from around the world is exciting and interesting, but you must be aware of communication styles. Studies show that some cultures speak directly to each other, while other cultures may find this insulting.

Learn to listen! You will know exactly what the other party wants if you listen! Be the Big Ear. Did you know that other people think you are more intelligent when you just listen?

Also, speak clearly when on the phone and try to make your written communication as simple as possible. Camilo Suárez’s experiences help to explain this as you learn how to work remotely.

Lesson 5: Time to Care

Think about it. You learned how to work remotely, but why? Quality of life calls out for love. You have the privilege of being able to take a break whenever you want. So, pet your cat, walk your dog, spend time with your child, or maybe say hello to your significant other. You have the privilege to schedule the time your own way. As Shey says, “Especially now that I have Sammy [her son], I appreciate working remotely even more. I’ve been able to be with him since birth. His mom is always around, you know? I get to see my baby grow up, hear his first words… it’s such a fantastic benefit. If I worked in an office, I don’t know how we would cope, not being able to be together most of the day, every day”.

For us, Bunny Studio is already the best remote company to work for. But it may be the perfect fit for you as well as you discover how to work remotely. You may be one of the fortunate ones that can join a company that is multiplying like, well — you know. And, just in case you are interested, we have carrots. 😉

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