One of the biggest trends in the digital marketing landscape is the use of video. Moreover, there’s a proliferation of video across all digital platforms; from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, eCommerce websites, Snapchat to mention a few. For a sophisticated marketer, video statistics are enticing. That’s why corporate video production services are becoming a highly sought out commodity.

In 2019, 85% of American internet users watched online videos monthly. A 2020 HubSpot Survey says, 54% of consumers would love to see more branded video from their favorite brands.  In the same report, 83% of video marketers reported video as a useful lead generation tool. Another study shows how video is the most popular form of content among consumers.

Nevertheless, these numbers highlight just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the popularity of video content. That’s why we have seen a shift in the type of productions. Businesses, companies and organizations are quickly adapting to this trend too. Slowly replacing traditional video advertising, corporate video production has emerged as a fashionable marketing medium.

Corporate videos are video communications by clients for internal or external corporate messaging. The content is for a specific audience. Thus, this distinguishes it from traditional video advertising. Its focus is more on the brand or the culture of your company rather than advertising a product.

This post delves into the production of corporate video to help you find the right production company.

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The Basics of Corporate Video Production

Business communication has evolved rapidly with the advent of digital media. Gone are the days when companies and organizations had to depend on print, television and radio ads to reach their target audience.

In this evolving environment, corporate videos have emerged as powerful tools for brands to communicate with employees, target customers and stakeholders.  The content usually focuses on a company, its culture, vision, the employees, rather than on specific products or services. It is a shift from the usual adverts that consumers have to bear with every day.

Why Use Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are highly effective in pushing a message and can serve multiple roles at the same time. Many organizations now use this medium due to:

  • Higher ROI
  • Versatility (from training, educating, informing, email marketing, product demonstration, customer testimonials and more applications)
  • Ease of customization
  • Boost to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts
  • Reaching the mobile audience
  • Compelling content for social media due to its shareable value
  • Strong call-to-action statement.
  • Boost of the conversion rate on your landing pages, emails (CTR and open through rate) and retaining site visitors longer.
  • Building trust and credibility

Now that it’s easy to tailor the content to suit one’s needs, you can quickly harness the power of video for many other reasons.

Types of Corporate Video Production

Depending on your business’ vision or specific objectives of your campaign, you can select a corporate video production service idea from the following:

  • Training and educational videos
  • Internal communication videos
  • exhibition/Conference videos
  • Corporate social responsibility videos
  • Company Profile Video
  • Promotional Video
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Recruitment Video
  • Social Media Videos
  • Brand awareness
  • Testimonial Video

You can choose:

  • an interview format
  • how-to video
  • using an influencer to speak about your products/services
  • featuring employees in a behind-the-scenes production
  • repurposing blog content with voice over for illustrations
  • animations and any other format that suits your objectives.

Corporate video production for content creators

The Video Production Process

Video production is a technical process that combines technology with skills. Consequently, It’s more than just pressing the record button on your video camera.

Here are the three steps involved:

1. Pre-Production

Pre-production is about preparation and setting the groundwork. Moreover, it’s where all the planning and coordination happens. This phase is an intense process that requires fact-finding, a series of meetings, and conducting site visits. It is all about gathering raw materials for your video.

Some of the crucial tasks performed at this phase include:

  • Video strategy/goals
  • Budgeting/scope
  • Location scouting
  • Story selection
  • Setting the project timeline
  • Scriptwriting/creation
  • Determining talent/characters
  • Choosing the production team/equipment needs

2. Production Phase

It is the stage where the story comes to life. When working with a corporate video production company, the team will start by recording all the interviews and footage for your corporate video.

Therefore, the camera crew will begin filming scenes as dictated by your script. They’ll focus on lighting, angles, and location to make the corporate video production compelling.

Some of the tasks in the production stage include:

  • Setting up the equipment, including sound/lighting/video gear
  • Capturing the raw content
  • Recording voice-overs where they are required
  • Adding extra footage you might require for the production

A lot of time and creativity goes into this phase. But with the latest technology and equipment, your production team can quickly meet your goals. There’s a timeline to observe for this phase. It should be suited to your business objectives.

It’s essential to bring in a team member to ensure the story flows as per the requirements of your company.

3. Post-production

This process takes place in a state-of-the-art studio where editors will evaluate the recorded video and audio footage. A good editor not only has a critical eye, but also they use the latest editing software to help you produce a compelling video.

At this stage, the editing team will organize, plan, and edit the actual video. It’s about bringing the pieces together and ensuring the story flows smoothly.

The steps involved here include:

  • Logging interviews
  • Producing the final story
  • Selection of audio
  • Video editing
  • Feedback and reporting (Reviews/approvals)
  • Delivery of the final production/ exporting the video to its final format.

This stage can make or break your video production. There’s a lot of emphasis on sound effects, audio enhancements, visual effects, colors, and sound design.

Working with a Corporate Video Production Company

The popularity of video content has seen more brands and organizations scrambling to create content. Furthermore, easy access to online video editing software, smartphones and cheap video cameras makes it easy to create videos.

However, if you need professional corporate video services, it’s best to partner with an established corporate video production company.

Here are some of the advantages of working with an expert in your video production project:

1. Enjoy The Latest Technology

Video production companies leverage the latest technology in the industry to deliver the best results. From Virtual Reality (VR), GoPro Cameras, Integrated video campaigns, Vertical Videos, Hyperlapse Videos to 360-Degree Videos, your production will enjoy the best input.

Other trends these professionals can deploy include Video chaptalization, Cinemagraph creation, Aerial Video & Drones, AI in the Studio, and 4K or UHD (Ultra High Definition) to mention a few.

2. New Insight/Objectivity

Working with an in-house production team might look like a smart idea until you discover that you might be stifling creativity in your projects. Thus, bringing in a partner offers a fresh perspective or spin that your team may not be able to see.

It’s true you understand your company’s vision best, but these professionals shall bring in fresh eyes and expertise in video production.  The corporate video production company thus combines your business knowledge with new insight to create incredible videos.

3. Cost Benefits

Producing a corporate video in house costs a lot and you will have to set aside a budget going into thousands of dollars. You’ll have to hire experts and retain them on your payroll. Consider the perks they will bring plus insurance, office space, and all other costs, and you’ll appreciate the importance of custom video production.

With a professional video production company, you only pay for what you need when you need it.  Once the project launches, you won’t have to incur any more costs. This is a cost-effective way of promoting your brand by creating engaging, yet affordable content.

4. Comprehensive Video Solutions

A professional corporate video production company will bring in extensive skills to the project. Besides, they have the expertise to handle every phase of the project, delivering a fantastic end product.

They also help with pre-production, production, and post-production to ensure the project runs smoothly.

In their team, they will have a producer, director, director of photography (DP)/cinematographer, scriptwriters, editors and a camera crew (including camera operator and assistants).

Other professionals who might be required include a lighting director (LD), gaffer/head electrician, audio technician, set designer and a production assistant among other experts. An established company will offer all these corporate video production services and resources under one roof.

5. Faster Turnaround

Time is an invaluable resource when producing marketing content. This digital marketing landscape is quite fast-paced. So, if you want to showcase your brand, you’ll have to market it quickly.

Partnering with an established corporate video production firm, therefore, saves you time because these professionals will bring all the equipment and expertise you need.

You don’t have to hop from one firm to the other in search of production expertise or technology.

6. Reliability

The best video production companies are dependable. You won’t have to lose sleep over their commitment. These companies already have their reputation on the line whenever they pick a project. They are likely to bring their A-game to guarantee success. Most work within a timeline and use a contract to ensure the smooth flow of the project.

Corporate video production guide

Choosing the best Corporate Video Production Company

Now that you’re ready to partner with professional for your video production, here are some factors to consider:

  • Go for the experience and a solid reputation when choosing these companies. Compare their portfolio to your concept.
  • Read reviews, testimonials and ask for referrals from other clients
  • Choose a company that seeks to understand your company and listens to your needs first.
  • View their portfolio
  • Consider the pricing structure but don’t let the fees guide your final decision
  • Build a transparent partnerships agreement including channels of communication, reporting mechanism, how to measure ROI etc.
  • Ask about the management of your project
  • Ensure they offer all services in-house
  • Check the kind of technology the company uses
  • Confirm if they offer video promotion services

Final Thoughts

A corporate video is a versatile messaging tool that your business should consider adopting today. It is a smart and effective way to reach a broader audience, and you can use it for a diverse range of applications. With this insight, it’s now easier to incorporate video into your next marketing campaign and also partner with the best corporate video production company for the best results.