Branding is all about your image. And branding image includes everything from the color scheme, graphics, photos, and wording, to fonts. So knowing how to add fonts to Adobe Premiere can have a big, positive impact on the success of your branding endeavors and your creative bounds.

Why are fonts so important in visual media?

Font has a huge role in visual media. Not only does it emotionally express a brand, a vibe, a message, but it has a more concrete job, too. It separates text as headers, helps images stand out, and identifies essential elements. In that single glance, a font can express what the words alone can’t say. This article shares tons of great information on graphics and graphic designs for your brand. The design of your brand is huge. It reflects who you are and what you do. Remember, the font is a big player here, too.

Not too far back in the past, fonts were pretty basic. You had your serif and sans serif, and of course your Times New Roman and Arial. Now the fonts you can choose from are limitless. You can choose a frilly font to promote a whimsical brand or stick with a classic to promote a more traditional brand. Anything can be used anywhere; the key is knowing how to use fonts. And that’s where knowing how to work them comes into play. For instance, knowing how to add fonts in Adobe Premiere is a huge advantage in designing presentations, brand material, and other forms of visual media.


One of the most important things your font must have is good readability. There are some super cute fonts out there now, all the fun calligraphy ones, for example. However, these fonts can be difficult to read. And if your audience can’t read your message, well, then it’s all kind of a waste, right?

That’s not to say you always have to stick with the classic, traditional fonts. Take a look around and see what works well for you. Remember font size does matter. Sometimes when a font is a little bigger, it’s easier to read.

When it comes to separating your visual elements but maintaining consistency and flow, say in a blog post, here’s some good advice from Small Business Chronicle:

A simple way to create this differentiation is to use a serif font for the headings, and a sans serif font for the content, or vice versa. Serif fonts have the little embellishments at the tops, bottoms and edges of letters, while sans serif do not have these embellishments. This subtle difference helps separate the two elements without having to use a non-professional font for either.

So when you are learning how to add fonts in Adobe Premier, add both the serif and sans serif of a font if it’s available.

how to add fonts in adobe premiere

Font Consistency

Sure, fonts are fun. But you can’t go tossing them in your branding or presentations willy nilly. Keep them consistent and cohesive. This maintains a good feel throughout your visuals. As you learn how to add fonts in Adobe Premier, try to add font families, like bold, serif, and italicized. This maintains that crucial consistency.

Also, keep in mind your focus, especially when you are using a lot of text. A fun font can be nice used sparingly as an accent. But keep them simple and keep them special.

On the other hand, if this is your branding and you want to use a font that expresses yourself, your business, and your mission, employ that fun font and keep that one consistent. Think of all the Etsy merchants out there and the fun branding they have. It’s on their Etsy site, their business cards, their packaging. And because that special font is used sparingly, it works. And if you are doing something like this, keep your long text in a simple font even with your fun, more embellished one.


Ahhh, now this is what we love. We love how a font adds the tone you’re looking for. That’s where choosing the font really comes into play and the more fonts you have available, the more you can choose. When you know how to add fonts to Adobe Premiere, the font world is at your fingertips.

So think about this. You’ve started a candle company on Etsy. You love the whimsical airy vibe. Are you going to use a staunch, traditional font? Will that express what you’re going for? No, you need an airy, wispy font to lend its hand to share your brand. But then when you write the longer text for your candle description, go back to that simpler, easy-to-read font.


We aren’t simply talking about standard visual media, we also want to include video here. Text within video, like YouTube videos, is a big component of success. Maybe you’re giving credits, titles, parts of your intro or outro, and the font matters. You may want to sprinkle in that fun font for a bit of pizzazz within the video. Take a look at this advice from an article in our Bunny Library:

When your YouTube video contains text, it will look more professional. For instance, you may put a title at the start of your videoon your outro, or in-between clips to separate topics. You can also add text in the form of bullet points to help your viewers keep track of your points.

How to Add Fonts to Adobe Premiere

So now, let’s get to it. We all want to know how to add fonts to Adobe Premiere so we’ll have them at the ready.

Step One: Find the Font

Fonts are all over the Internet, from Pinterest to Make sure, though, that you are either using free fonts or paying for them. Let’s stay ethical here. So once you find it, see if you need to pay and if so, do that.

Step Two: Download  the Font

Usually, your font will download into a .zip file. Go ahead and download the font. Make sure all of your Adobe apps and windows are closed.  Then you will unzip your font file and open it. You’ll either have just one single font or that font family we talked about with bold, italics, etc. Open each font type separately and click install font (see how I used that italicized art of my font for emphasis 😉 ).

Step Three: Move the Font

This usually consists of dragging the downloaded font to the appropriate spot in Adobe. Sometimes it works automatically. And that’s it. You have a new font to use.

Step Four: Organize your Fonts

Many people like to organize their fonts. Of course, you don’t have to, but it helps when you start collecting more and more fonts. You can use categories like fun or classic or work or kids. You may want to separate your everyday, easy-to-read fonts from your wow, calligraphy, and special fonts. Just do what is easy for you.

Using Your Fonts After Learning How to Add Fonts to Adobe Premiere

Once you have mastered how to add fonts to Adobe Premiere, you’re ready to use them. We talked about using them for your business branding and presentation, but these are also so handy for the DIY aficionado. Think about wedding invitations, scrapbook additions, even monograms, and embellishments. And are you seeing a connection? For those DIYers who want to start a business (think cute mugs and stickers and totes), a variety of fonts is a big plus. So it’s not just the professional businesspeople using fonts in a presentation or PowerPoint, it’s also the DIY folks, the creatives, and the small businesses.

Here are a few more places to use your newly found font knowledge:

  • Book covers and pages for writers
  • Power points and presentations
  • Labels
  • Invitations
  • Announcements
  • Signs and Posters
  • The list is endless…

how to add fonts in adobe premiere

A  Few More Tips

So now you are ready to get going with all of these new fonts! This can be so much fun! But wait, before you get too involved, check out these few tips on good font usage, especially with decorative fonts:

  • As we mentioned, use the fancy, elaborate fonts sparingly. In fact, have a friend or colleague take a look and see if they can easily read the font. Remember, you already know what it says. How many times have you scrolled through a pretty post on Instagram but had no idea what that fancy calligraphy font really said?
  • Stay away from all caps. It either looks weird (like in elaborate fonts) or feels like you’re yelling at your audience. No one wants that. An exception is using all caps but making them different sizes
  • Check your kerning. Kerning is the attachment of script letters, so don’t leave gaps where there should be connections.
  • Make sure your sizes look good. Don’t be afraid to go a little bigger than you may initially think.

Overwhelmed? We Can Help

Between downloading fonts and designing aesthetically pleasing visual media, it can get a bit overwhelming. Remember this,

Your brand is who you are, what you represent, how people identify with you, and what sets you apart from your competition. Without a brand, your company can get lost in the midst of everyone else, but with a good one, wow – your company can surely thrive.

So a strong brand, a cohesive style, and a great font are key. We have expert designers and graphic artists here at Bunny  Studio, and we would love to help you out with your branding and design. Even if you want to add your fonts to Adobe Premier to play around with and call us for your professional work, we are happy to help. Give us a shout and let’s get started!