Being a Bunny Pro is one thing; being a well-paid pro is another. Moreover, not all freelancers get equal opportunities–and, for that matter—earnings, even those registered to the same platform.

Many factors do determine who gets the most job opportunities. Some of them include:

  • How long you’ve been on the platform
  • How many projects you’ve tackled
  • Your success rate
  • How much do you charge for your services?

But sometimes, it’s all about your freelance profile’s SEO or visibility to search engines (we’ll get to that in a jiffy). Even the most competent freelancers can lag or suffer a dry spell because their profiles do not align to client searches on Google (and other search engines).

Let me break it down do for you:

When a client who’s heard about Bunny Studio goes to Google searching for a voice actor, they will type relevant keywords or phrases like “male voice bunny,” “voiceover artist,” “voice actress bunny studio,” etc., depending on their needs. Therefore, freelancers who include such keywords in their profiles are more likely to appear in client searches and get opportunities than those who haven’t optimized their profiles through SEO.

What is a Freelancer Profile and Why Does it Matter to Your Career?

Just like a Twitter or Facebook profile flaunts your personality (likes, hobbies, etc.). Likewise, a freelance profile should show your skills, the services you offer, and relevant experience in the field you’re targeting.

In other words, a complete Bunny pro freelance profile contains the following and more:

  • A brief intro about you
  • Your skills
  • Your experiences and strong points
  • The services you offer
  • Your samples (previous work and continuous updates)
  • Links to other professional public profiles like LinkedIn
  • Your rates (How much you charge per project/hour etc.

As a freelancer, your Bunny Pro profile is your key to winning jobs. It is like the first handshake during a job interview, which can determine whether you get booked or not.

Nevertheless, being visible alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll win all prospects who land on your page. Most clients look further into a profile’s quality before inviting a freelancer to handle their projects. They also check your previous work to gauge if your skills match their needs.

What is SEO & its Relation to Optimize Your Bunny Pro Profile?

Search Engine Optimization enables us to find the information we need on the internet. All SEO practices hinge on keywords or specific phrases relevant to the topic/services/items a person is searching for.

As a freelancer selling ad copy services, ask yourself this: “what are my potential clients likely to type when searching for what I sell?”

After identifying strategic keywords, include these on your page/profile to increase your visibility whenever a potential client looks up related keywords.

So what’s the big takeaway?

Well, this is a no-brainer. Being “good at what you do” is only half of what you need to achieve online success; visibility to searches plus a strong internet presence is equally important.

Furthermore, ignoring SEO can be detrimental to your success because most contemporary freelance platforms use algorithms to link clients to relevant creatives. The more relevant your profile is to client searches, the likelier you are to get booked for projects.

Best SEO Practices to Optimize Your Bunny Pro Profile

SEO is a never-ending process. Because keywords, customer search habits, and SEO rules change over time, you must update your profile time and again to continue winning projects.

However, SEO isn’t only about keywords; there’s much more. For instance, while optimizing your page, you can’t staff it with keywords and expect good results. Other factors like placing these keywords throughout your page and naming your samples can also impact visibility.

Below are some Best SEO practices to follow:

1.    Name your samples properly

Optimizing your profile for search is not as complex as you imagine. Even a simple step like correctly naming your voiceover samples can have a positive impact down the road.

Identify the right keywords and use them to name your samples. This usage can improve their visibility on your freelance platform.

2.    Your freelancer title matters

What’s your title? Are you a web copywriter? Is your focus on press releases? Do you being a product description writer?

Well, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do for a living and then be specific about it. Do not just generalize and call yourself a writer.

Though narrowing down to specific content types reduces the number of leads, it also ensures you get only relevant, and quality leads.

3.    List the services you offer in your profile

When writing your “About me” section, list all the services your prospects might be searching for. If possible, identify the keywords related to these tasks and use them throughout your profile.

This approach increases the likelihood of appearing as the perfect match for potential clients seeking freelancers with your skills.

4.    Update your samples and profile from time to time

Update your profile time and again to match the latest keyword searches. As hinted earlier in the article, client search habits and internal SEO rules may change over time.

Remember, staying up to date keeps you visible throughout your career giving you a competitive edge.

5.    Leverage SEO tools and your website’s resources

Yes, it’s okay to brainstorm possible keywords for your Bunny pro profile. However, it would be best if you still had SEO tools to check for stuff like keyword rankings and achieving myriad other optimization tasks, as you shall notice down the road.

You can also make the most of your freelance platform’s resources apart from using standard SEO tools. Check out the FAQ or How it Works sections to learn more about how to boost your writing/voiceover/transcription profile.

The best freelance platforms provide you with high-ranking keywords, allow you to add tags to samples, and update you when the internal SEO criteria changes.

Bunny pro

How Long Should it Take to Witness Results After Optimizing Your Bunny Pro Profile?

You can’t really tell when a newly optimized freelance profile will begin attracting customer attention.

SEO is a journey. As simple as it sounds, it takes patience and consistency to witness tangible results. You must dedicate plenty of time and resources to this project and do lots of research to understand more about optimization.

While focusing on SEO seems like venturing into a different field altogether, you must follow suit, or nobody will notice your talent.

No matter how skilled you may be, it can be challenging to convert your services into money if you can’t win freelance gigs. So as you sharpen your video/audio editing skills, spare some time for profile optimization as this is your best chance to get booked.

Internal Visibility Versus General Visibility

Also, when optimizing your profile for search, it’s vital to ensure visibility both in general search engines like Google and in your freelance platform.

  • Internal Visibility focuses on fortifying your presence in your freelance platform. The rules, processes, and criteria differ from one website to another.
  • On the other hand, General Visibility focuses on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, and the likes.

Remember, though SEO works almost the same in both cases, you should understand the discrepancies and focus only on whatever will win you more gigs.

Strive to understand your website’s search criteria and make strategic adjustments to rank better in client searches.

For instance, Bunny Studio uses an algorithm to invite the most relevant freelancers to gigs.  The platform’s algorithm also requires freelancers to add new samples time and again.

Understanding such complexities can help position you as an expert and expose you to more gigs than before.

The Far-Reaching Benefits of Optimizing Your Bunny Pro Profile

You might be asking, “So what’s the big catch after all’s been said and done? Why go through the hassle of learning SEO from scratch?”

Optimization does more than meets the eye. In many ways, it looks like the future of job success depends on it.

SEO offers the following benefits to freelancers:

1.    Appear in searches and win more gigs

Visibility is perhaps the main reason to optimize your profile. If clients can’t find you, it won’t be easy to win jobs.

Optimization also links you to the most relevant clients making the gig search process less hectic.

2.    A steady supply of jobs

One of the challenges of freelancing is not knowing what the future holds in terms of jobs.

Though optimization doesn’t guarantee a steady supply of gigs, it keeps you visible and boosts your chances if any opportunity arises. This gives you an edge over slow-moving freelancers who don’t work on their profiles time and again.

3.    You stay relevant to client needs

Clients’ needs change with time. When a new service surfaces, you must improve your profile to cover those offerings. That way, you stay relevant to client needs and increase the likelihood of winning jobs.

4.    Compete favorably against other freelancers

Freelancers who finetune their profiles time and again are more visible to clients than those who ignore SEO. In essence, optimization helps you compete well against other freelancers.

Nevertheless, it takes more than visibility to win jobs online. You must also build a strong bunny pro profile, update your skills, and maintain a high success rate.

5.    Win new opportunities ahead of others

In many ways, optimization puts you ahead of slow freelancers. For example, freelancers who update their profiles with relevant keywords are more likely to win new opportunities if a platform introduces a new service.

When new clients come looking for talent, you will most likely appear in their searches.

A Final Word on Optimizing Your Bunny Pro Profile

As you spend time honing your voiceover or video editing skills, it’s crucial to think about the business aspect of your freelance career. Without a steady string of gigs, you can’t fend for yourself and make a living off this career.

Since SEO is the key to increasing online visibility, you want to learn more about optimization and implement it as soon as possible. Remember also to follow best SEO practices.

However, it’s important to note that visibility alone won’t cut it. You must also work on your skills and build an all-rounded profile that convinces clients to work with you. Most importantly, consider updating your bunny pro profile from time to time.

Lastly, stay up to date with Bunny Studio updates on how to improve your profile.