Video has made its way into our world, and there’s no getting rid of it now. Think of your social media. What are you looking at? Probably video, right? We love stories and reels. So for your promo work, video is the way to go. And a great script helps. Your promo video may require a lot of pieces and parts but checking out promotional video script examples can inspire you. After all, your promo video should wow your audience!

What is a promotional video script?

Let’s start with the promo video and then get to the script, shall we?

Promo videos

You’ve seen them. You watch them. We all have. Right now, people love video. They love the video on Instagram and Tiktok, and watching YouTube is a huge pastime. There’s something about video – it brings the audience in, it’s engaging and personal. And it works. When we are talking about promotional and marketing video (which we are), let’s think about things like:

  • Ads
  • Testimonials
  • Vlogs
  • Product demos
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Email videos

All of these have the power to engage the audience, share a product or service, and leave with a call to action.

An article in our Bunny library tells us that in a Wyzowl survey, 84 percent of consumers said they’ve purchased an item or subscribed for services after streaming a brand’s ad or product demo. Ande 96 percent say they spend time watching content so they can gather more product information before purchase.

When you think back to how we used to purchase products or services, it’s a wonder anything sold. After all, we like our research these days, and a big part of that is watching video. It’s not only the brand that airs video, either. Often you can find reviews and unboxings from influencers and even just regular consumers. In a video, we get to see the product, we see the result; in fact, we can see the emotion, and that’s what works.

So the bottom line is that promo videos promote products and services n a relevant and consumable way and are an integral marketing piece for any business, large or small.

Promo video scripts

A video has a lot of moving parts. You’ve got audio, video, presentation visual effects, animation, and text. Each of these has multiple components, too, but let’s talk about audio and text. These are the two components that share the voice of the video. Sure, the rest helps deliver, but the audio and text include the carefully crafted words that convey why the viewer needs this product or service.

To break it down a little more, let’s focus on the audio. The audio is made up of music, sound effects, and dialogue. The script is what carries that dialogue. Whether it’s people talking in the video or one person doing a voice-over, the script is crucial to a successful video. When people read, they can skim. But when they listen, if they tune out, they’re kind of done. So by creating an engaging, captivating script, you’ll keep your audience attentive.

Components of promo video scripts and promotional video script examples tells us that of all the ways to promote something, video is arguably the most effective. A staggering 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through video, and 80% of marketers say video has helped increase their sales.

It’s not just the words being said that make a great script, it’s also how they are being said. Even things like special effects are part of the promo video scripts and can have a big impact. And along with the script are the actors or voice actors who are going to be reading the script, sharing its essence, and getting the audience interested in your product or service.

Let’s take a look at the components for this simple but effective promotional video script example:

  • Short introduction
  • Main message
  • Details
  • Call to action

Let’s say you are creating a promo video for a new skincare line. Here’s a promo video script example for the product following the above template:

Short introduction

We all want the youthful dewy glow our skin should have. But most of us struggle to get it. I know I do, but that’s why I love Natural Essence Skincare. It’s made of natural ingredients that give me that fresh, dewy glow.

promotional video script example

Main message

Taking care of skin doesn’t have to be work. Enlighten yourself and brighten your skin with the fresh botanicals in Natural Essence Skincare. Find the regimen that works for you, and off you go to the world of clean and beautiful skin. 


(As the actor is washing her face, she’s sharing the process)

First, I massage the cleanser into my face to create a lovely lather. Not only does Natural Essence facial wash create a dreamy lather, but the clean botanical smell is also truly intoxicating. It’s like being in a fresh meadow. Once the lather is nice and rich, and I’ve massaged my face, I rinse with cool water. Next is the Natural Essence facial toner with more botanicals…

Call to action

With Natural Essence skincare, you can have the dewy skin you want. Check out our product line here and find the products right for you. 

Now you have a script (or at least the bones of one) and you can addend it as needed. You can use different actors in your promo videos who bring different vibes to the video. The key is reaching your audience, and a good video promo script combined with a good actor/voice actor will do the job.

More promo video script example ideas

Depending on your product/service and your audience, you can go about your promo video in a number of different ways, like

  • Incorporate humor. Hunor in the right place has the ability to resonate with viewers.
  • Tell a story. People love to connect with emotion, and storytelling is a great way to do it.
  • Show the product. Let the product do the talking with the actor and the script as a guide.
  • Focus on holidays and occasions. We aren’t just talking Christmas and Mother’s Day – any occasion works and your audience will appreciate the creative ideas you’re giving them for gifts and recognition.
  • Use how-to video. This could be how to make your dog sit or how to grow tomatoes. Whatever you have, think if you could turn it into a how-to. This method can showcase your product from all angles.
  • Tweak your promos. When you have a promo video script, you can tweak it for different purposes. Like our skincare script above, you can easily change it up for the different skincare products, or for the different actors promoting it. Sure, you’re going to have a main customer base, but a little tweaking can reach further.
  • Hit up social media. Your promo videos don’t just need to stay on your websites or YouTube. Hit up the different platforms of social media, and you’ll reach an even wider customer base. The key is to know the audience for each platform and gear your promo to them.

Reach your audience

No matter what route you go, reach your audience. You can have an amazing, captivating, creative promo video script, but if it doesn’t resonate with your audience, it won’t work. Even social media platforms all have specific audiences, like LinkedIn for the professionals, TikTok for the young crowd, and Instagram for the aesthetic loving, short and sweet audience. It pays to have a different promo video for each platform or at least a different version to reach the intended audience.

Think about where your audience is, and go to them. And once you know that, remember to speak their language. You’re not going to sound the same on your LinkedIn promo video as your TikTok one. Use words and phrases that will resonate with your audience, and even gear your actors and speakers to them. Connection is key.

Outsourcing promo video scripts

It takes a lot to handle it all, right? You’ve got a full plate already, and writing scripts may not be your forte. There are lots of ways to outsource your scripts, just like you find your actors or videographers. You can always look to local creatives who are up and coming in their fields. The way people are working in the gig economy today is a benefit to everyone. You can look to someone for a one-and-done job or find someone who can be with your creating for the long haul.

The more information you can supply to your creatives, the better your script can be. Let them know things like your audience, your budget, your goals. Are you going to have a series of videos or is it a single one? What about actors or voiceovers – who do you envision sharing the information?

We can help

One of our favorite things to do at Bunny Studio is to lend a hand. We have incredible scriptwriters who can take your product or service and make it irresistible. Our pros are skilled at reaching intended audiences, and we already discussed the importance of that. We know that every word is important, there’s no time for wishy-washy scripts. An inventive, creative, relevant script will bring your promo videos to life and reach your desired audience.

The bottom line of promo video script examples

When you are ready to reach your audience with promo videos, reach out to the best to create some examples for you. Look around and see what would resonate with your audience, think outside the box, and put them somewhere your audience will see them. Remember, it’s a three-fold process to get those conversions – your promo video needs to be where your audience will see it, it needs to connect with them, and offer something they need with a clear call to action. Then you’ll see those conversions.

If you’d like to chat about what we can do for you, we’re always here. Our Bunny Studio pros are skilled creatives to deliver what you need, and our team will make sure it’s what you want. Let us know how we can help!