How Hiroshi Uchida Built an Audio Career with Bunny Studio

A virtuoso in music, Hiroshi Uchida had a knack for audio post-production and an energetic voice that could captivate. The keen-eared talent wanted to pursue his musical ambitions without leaving a tiresome carbon footprint. Here’s Hiroshi’s account of his unconventional career choice and how Bunny Studio paved the route to his achievements.


February 2020



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Areas of Expertise:

Audio Post-Production and Edition

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At the Crossroads of Hiroshi’s Livelihood

Before the pandemic made working-from-home a hip necessity, Hiroshi was already equipped with the professional gear, ears, and knowledge to deliver high-quality sound production projects. The green, newly minted fresh grad was at the juncture of choosing a full-time profession. Living with his parents then, he bounced from one short-term income source to the next. He toyed with the prospect of becoming an in-house producer and arranger for a local production house. But the commute in Metro Manila, where he lived, was a deal-breaker. Traffic was a constant gridlock, an unappealing waste of valuable time and carbon contribution. Rather than being caged in such a commitment, Hiroshi wanted to dedicate time to his own music. Hence, he pulled out all stops to become part of the independent workforce.

“Due to the hellish commutes that can take up to two hours each way, work would have occupied about thirteen hours of my waking hours per day. I find this both mentally and financially exhausting, and that was why I decided to look into remote work.”

The Drudges of Freelancing

Even before Bunny Studio met Hiroshi, he was already producing music for ads, films, musician bands, and voice actors professionally. Despite enjoying the freedom of having time to develop his music, Hiroshi’s experience as a freelancer was, in a word, “uncertain.” Traditional jobs provided stability, welfare benefits, and a steady income, whereas freelancing did not. That’s probably why freelancing only constituted about 2% of the Philippines’ working population. Though these numbers are increasing in recent years, the country is still lagging behind freelancer-leading countries like the US and the UK.


The budding talent found it challenging to take reigns of his earnings. Financial security was always a question mark even though Hiroshi has all the qualifications, skills, and knowledge to embrace the audio industry. Projects did not come by regularly, and he even had to take up virtual assistant jobs to make ends meet. All this changed when he applied to become a voice actor and a post-production sound engineer at Bunny Studio.

“Not only did Bunny Studio enable me to have a healthy work and life balance, but it also allowed me to utilize all of my skills and help me discover new ones such as voice acting and 3D mixing.”

A Multifaceted Bunny Studio Pro

Hiroshi joined the Bunny Studio community of professionals just as it was beginning to expand its services. Rather than limiting himself to a local clientele, he recounts his unique and enjoyable work-teaming experience with individuals globally. The influx of project opportunities gave Hiroshi a broader exposure to different audio-related work. Over time, they helped sharpen his ears and hone his audio production techniques. The ability to work remotely also freed up more personal time for him to develop other life skills.


An Alive-&-Thriving Career

Four years into the industry, Hiroshi holds multiple roles in Bunny Studio today. He loves doing post-production the most as he finds it’s something he can excel in and polish to accuracy. His fresh, laid-back, upbeat voice now stars in many English and Tagalog voice-over projects too. The Pro spends most of his day in his home studio equipped with a Windows 10 system and an Audient ID14 interface. He records and edits with an Audio Technica AT2020 and Shure SM57 mic, Sony MDR7506 and Audio Technica M40X headphones, Yamaha HS5 monitors, Ableton Live Suite 10, and Pro Tools 12 HD DAW. With big ambitions in his playbook, he hopes to grow aside Bunny Studio and offer music production services in the future.

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