Hiroshi Uchida, locutor

Hiroshi Uchida, locutor

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      • Bunny Pro por 3 años

        Bunny Pro por 3 años

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      Voice actor Hiroshi Uchida offers a Filipino English and Tagalog teenager and young adult male voice over. Hiroshi has provided voice services for commercials, educational presentations, podcasts, and much more. He delivers a fresh, laid-back, energetic, upbeat voice that has fulfilled many English and Tagalog voice-over projects. One of his major clients from Bunny Studio is Spotify. Hiroshi is also an audio post-producer and a self-taught music producer. He combines this expertise together with his quality-oriented vocal skills in his voice over career. Want to know more about Hiroshi? Check out his voice-over samples and see how Hiroshi can help bring your project to life!

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