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Want to increase your readership or subscribers? Catch their attention with a striking cover that captivates their interest.

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Flat cover designs don't sell

A well-designed cover creates the desired mood and conveys your message effectively — but it's challenging to find a reliable designer that best fits your publication.

  • Boring, bland cover design with low-quality images and unreadable texts
  • Copyright-protected elements produced by poor cover designers
  • Endless delays due to miscommunication and rework
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Bunny Studio's professional cover art design services entice readers

Boost your publications' sales and get picked off the rack. Work with the industry's top 4% cover designers.

  • Custom book cover design that represents your brand voice
  • Unlimited revisions and money-back guarantee
  • High-resolution files in any desired format
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Create an irresistible cover for your next best seller

How it works

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Starting at USD $84 for 1 cover design

Turnaround: 48 hours for 1 cover

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