Reward achievements with regal diploma or certificate design

Want to make your accredited institute more credible? Boost your organization's reputation with professional, beautiful certificates.

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Specialized certificate designers are hard to come by

Institute credibility is a defining factor for people seeking education. Certificates showcase your excellence and validity. But amateur certificate designs can cause the opposite effect. "You want to get rid of:

  • Inferior certificate designs that do not convey your institute's prestige
  • Low-resolution diploma and certificate designs that imply you're unreliable
  • Time-consuming and costly efforts to hire graphic designers
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Bunny Studio designs prestigious and professional-looking certificates

Inspire more enrollments with beautifully crafted diplomas or certificate designs. Our professional designers will boost your institution's reputation.

  • Work with experienced and affordable certificate designers
  • Unlimited revisions and money-back guarantee included
  • Easily upload your logo in a few clicks during project submission
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Award academic excellence with our distinguished certificate design

How it works

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Starting at USD $51 for a diploma design

Turnaround: 24 hours for a diploma or certificate design

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