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Need eLearning design materials for your trainees? Get tailored instructional design visuals to make your lectures understandable and exciting.

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Creating course materials takes a lot of time

Professional instructional design materials enhance the learning experience — but finding an instructional designer with industry-specific knowledge, technical skills, and professional attributes is cumbersome. You want to get rid of:

  • Time-consuming freelance designer coordination
  • Steep learning curve of design software
  • Instructional designs that do not add value to your course
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Bunny Studio makes educational design visuals that drive successful eLearning

Create online learning design materials for any domain. Find industry-specific designers and work with the world's top 4% of designers.

  • Receive effective and learner-centered instructional materials
  • No costly software or steep learning curve
  • Save hours headhunting for an experienced designer
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Design interesting training materials to support effective knowledge acquisition

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