For four years, Bunny Studio has given voice to Attensi’s 3D simulations. Now the creative powerhouse has officially partnered with Attensi, the world’s leading gamified training company, to further expand its reach into the corporate training sector.

Having already successfully collaborated on delivering simulations to a whopping 140 countries in 30 languages, Bunny Studio’s new partnership with Attensi is the logical next step. This synergy couldn’t have come at a better time: the corporate training industry is currently enjoying bullish growth, with Forbes recently reporting that the sector is set to balloon to $325 billion by 2025.

“Our massive database of voice artists in over 100 languages and accents has enabled us to forge a partnership with Attensi’s unique training solutions,” said Valen Correa, Bunny Studio’s Director of Marketing. “Our official partnership substantiates our support for each other’s reach and development within the rapidly expanding training sector.”

Thanks to Bunny Studio and Attensi’s ability to deliver projects at speed and scale, this partnership will benefit all companies looking to reap the benefits of improved engagement, revenue, and retention.

“I am really pleased with the warm and professional relationship we have with Bunny Studio as our voicing partner. We get great quality, realistic-sounding dialogues to ensure the impact of our training games. Realism is the psychological driving force behind any good simulation – ensuring actual behavioral change,” said Gaute Godager, Creative Director of Attensi.

Bunny Studio and Attensi’s partnership continues their consistent pursuit of innovative solutions through technology. Together they aim to deliver engaging and impactful training experiences, empowering people and organizations across the globe.


About Attensi:

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