Getting a campaign off the ground to spread awareness for a good cause requires plenty of effort. Having worked with many non-profit organization clients, we understand that in-house resource limitation is one of the biggest challenges that NGOs face.

In light of that, Bunny Studio is announcing the launch of our NGO scheme – A program to support the creative needs of non-profits at special rates. Read on to learn if your organization qualifies for the discount.

What is Bunny Studio’s NGO Program?

As a global citizen that wants to make the world a better place, Bunny Studio wants to help bring your audio, video, or visual content to life. It takes 3 simple steps to qualify. Find out how you can do so below.

You only have to apply once. As soon as you’ve been approved as part of our program, you can enjoy unlimited use of the 20% discount for any of our services.


Step 1: Find out if your non-profit is eligible

If your non-profit fulfills both criteria below, you’re likely to qualify for our NGO program.

1. Your NGO is aligned with our ethical values

We take a strong stance on supporting ethics that are aligned with our business. If your organization is operating exclusively for the benefit of the below communities/causes, you can apply for our NGO program:

  • Business development
  • Literacy
  • Equity, diversity & inclusion
  • Special needs, youth, safety, and children’s education
  • Cruelty against animals
  • Cruelty against children
  • Environment conservation

2. Your NGO is officially registered

At Bunny Studio, we want to ensure that we’re supporting credible organizations endeavoring to make a difference. To qualify for our NGO program, make sure that your organization is listed on one of the below NGO directories

  • Charity Navigator – a US directory of charities and non-profit organizations.
  • WANGO – a worldwide NGO directory.

STEP 2: Reach out to us at

Check-listed all of the above criteria? Now all you have to do is get in touch! We’re ever-ready to assist you through this next step! You can reach out to us on our creative platform 24/7 through the following methods:

1. Email

Send an email to with the following information, and our team will get back to you pronto!

  • Request to join the NGO program
  • Organization name
  • Organization mission/ cause

2. Live chat

Visit and ping us on our live chat. Our support team will assist you with your application and creative project.


STEP 3: Submit your creative project

Time to get those creative juices flowing! If you’re eligible for Bunny Studio’s NGO program, you’ll receive an onboarding kit from our support team. We’ve created this resource to help you make the most out of our NGO program.

Now all you have to do is submit your project details, and we’ll do all the magic for you. When using the discount, do make sure your project syncs with your organization’s cause. And remember, we’re always just a mouse-click away!

Need to get the word out?

We want to help share your campaign with our network of 20,000 social followers and 2,000 email subscribers. If you love the work we’ve done and need help with spreading awareness, reach out to us. Together, let’s make a positive impact in the world!

*The NGO program is subject to terms & conditions. Bunny Studio reserves all rights to reject or withdraw the discount at any time.