Athlete Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Athlete voice for your voice over project.

Does your script call for a musclebound jock that lives for their body alone? Or maybe you need a noble varsity athlete who keeps her cool when others don't. Then check out or awesome selection of athlete voices, and bring life to the characters in your script just the way you imagined them.

Info for Athlete voice Voice-overs

Athlete voices are your go-to choice when you need your very own gold medalist that will stand out from the pack and come out on top every time. Whether it's a distinguished athlete that's all about honor, respect, and fairness, an up-and-comer who wishes to rise to the top, or a musclebound jerk that just can't seem to get a clue. Athlete voices — very much like athletes themselves — come in all shapes, sizes, and personality types. Whatever your script calls for, we've got an extremely large and talented pool of actors and actresses lined up to provide that perfect read that will get your project to the podium.

When can you use a Athlete voice over?

Athlete voices are very popular in media. Works of fiction about athletics are especially popular, and they can span a diverse range of genres. Whether it's a poignant drama like Rocky about a boxer rising to the top, an all-out parody of the genre like DodgeBall, or anything in between, there's always a high demand for athlete voices. Video games, with their faithful recreations of sports, also frequently call for depictions of athletes. And commercials are no slouches either, whether it's serious takes on sports injuries and pain relief meds, or funnier stories that parody feature films to sell a product or service.

What makes the perfect Athlete voice?

Often loud, confident, open, and as comfortable with the exertion of runing across a packed stadium as with calmly telling another character that they should work on their cardio.