Establish brand presence through engaging character animation services

Want to stand out from your competitors? Add movement to your brand and make it unforgettable with animated logos.

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50.000+ global brands trust Bunny Studio

Lottie animations spruce up your app - but they take time and technical expertise

Animations boost user experience better than static assets. But hiring professional motion designers is expensive and time-consuming. On top of that, you can't risk poor quality by hiring just anyone. You want to get rid of:

  • Heavy and corrupted animated files that hurt app performance
  • Amateur lottie animation outcomes that fail your brand personality
  • Wasted time and money on hiring inexperienced animators
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Bunny Studio makes lottie and website animation simple

Add animations smoothly and painlessly with JSON lottie files designed by motion experts. Fast results and affordable rates.

  • Get lightweight and fast-loading lottie and website animations.
  • Work with experienced animators pre-vetted for quality.
  • Design original animations that are unique to your brand.
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Showcase the nature of your business with unique animated assets

How it works

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Starting at USD $307 for a 5-second lottie animation

Turnaround: 2 days

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