Audio-merge files in batches with professional audio editors

Need to combine audio files? Reduce cumbersome, repetitive tasks and hire audio engineers specialized in audio merging.

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50.000+ global brands trust Bunny Studio

Merging audio files can be complex and take forever

Merging lots of audio files can easily turn into hours of repetitive work. Audio combiner software makes your job no easier with steep earning curves and unreliable results. You want to get rid of:

  • Tedious manual process
  • Time-consuming hunt for the right tool
  • Pricey and hard-to-use audio merging softwares
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Bunny Studio makes audio merging easy again

  • Affordably hire audio engineers with professional audio combiner tools
  • Upload bulk audio files all at once
  • Run multiple audio merging tasks simultaneously
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Tackle large volumes of audio merging tasks, fast

How it works

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Starting at USD $32 for a 5-minute audio

Turnaround: 12 hours for 1 minute of merged audio

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