Polish audio tracks with reliable mixing and mastering services

Want your tracks to sound the best they can? Hire pre-vetted audio editors specialized in audio mixing and audio mastering services.

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50.000+ global brands trust Bunny Studio

Hiring a full-time sound engineer for mixing and mastering is expensive

You want pleasing recordings, not raw tracks. But professional audio mastering studios cost a lot of money. And affordable services can land you with amateur-sounding outcomes. You want to get rid of:

  • High costs to hire mix and master sound engineers
  • Amateur audio quality from unreliable sources
  • The struggle to learn mixing and mastering on your own
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Bunny Studio makes mixing and mastering services accessible

Now you can produce perfect tracks with our affordable and experienced sound engineers.

  • Save time and money on hiring sound engineers
  • Get studio audio quality tracks delivered by industry professionals
  • Run multiple mixing and mastering projects simultaneously
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Elevate your music with professional audio mixing services

How it works

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Starting at USD $20 for a 30-second audio

Turnaround: 12 hours for a 30-second mastered audio track

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