Baby Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Baby voice for your voice over project.

From “da-da” to “ga-ga,” baby voices are a hit or miss sounds. Inarticulate words but somehow still understandable, it’s one of the most challenging voice-over styles to craft. With a tendency to be keyed up, infantile voices sound eager and excited. A tone of voice with a wide range of emotions underneath, only the best voice talents can master it.

Info for Baby voice Voice-overs

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to baby voices, and it comes down to the role. It can be a baby voice that sounds exactly as their age. Other times, it can be outlandish and obviously the voice of an adult, as the script deems it to be. Baby voices are not childish, but a voice style meant to bring an infant’s character to life. It’s a difficult voice style to create, but professional voice actors can. With their fantastic vocal range and performance, the sounds and tone of voice of a baby are easily mimicked.

When can you use a Baby voice over?

You can use baby voices for projects in need of specific characters or if babies, mommies, and daddies are your target audience. Such voice style is also ideal for adding comic relief such as in cartoons, video games, animations, movies, ad campaigns, and more.

What makes the perfect Baby voice?

Baby voices are often high-pitched but not grating to the ears. Instead, it’s pleasant to listen to, with evident excitement and joy in the sounds they make. But this tone of voice is not always positive, as the crying of a baby isn’t. This voice style can also be shrilly, loud, and inexplicable, a range of sounds that openly displays the toddler’s emotions.