Banker Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Banker voice for your voice over project.

We all know who a banker is, but do you have an idea of how a banker voice sounds like? First and foremost, a banker’s voice has to be professional because they handle peoples’ money all day long. Most people cannot go to banks that do not have serious bankers. If you’ve been to the bank before, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “would you like to open an account with us today?” A voice actor should be familiar with such phrases that are commonly used by bankers. Even if you’ll provide a script, familiarity helps you record a seamless and convincing voice-over.

Info for Banker voice Voice-overs

As the name suggests, a banker works in a bank. A banker voice needs to be as chill and professional as the banking halls. Have you ever experience sudden disturbance in a banking hall? Probably not. People put so much respect on money that when they get to banking halls, they know that they should carry themselves with decorum.

When can you use a Banker voice over?

A banker voice can be used to target people that own or are interested in owning accounts. Each bank can target their customers as well as individuals who want to open an account. You can use this voice in ads,
eLearning, audiobooks, and so much more. Tailoring the content to suit different segments guarantees a reasonable return on investment.

What makes the perfect Banker voice?

A banker voice should be professional, chill, patient, inquisitive, and neutral. Customers should not feel like they’re being discriminated against unless you want them ultimately to move to another bank.