Barber Shop Quartet Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Barber Shop Quartet voice for your voice over project.

Classic harmonizing is what you hear with a barber shop quartet. These four singers join to as one entity, and that's your character. Who doesn't love this classic, clean cut, charm?

Info for Barber Shop Quartet voice Voice-overs

This harmonious quartet combines their four voices to create one melodious sound. The Barber Shop Quartet is classic and beloved, and when you want this type of voice to add to your audio project, come to us. We can help get you just the right Barber Shop Quartet voice.

When can you use a Barber Shop Quartet voice over?

A barber shop quartet voice is a super creative way to share fun types of audio. It's great for an ad or commercial piece, an intro to pretty much anything from educational material to fun corporate presentations. Don't forget fun personal announcements, like birthday greetings, wedding announcements, or Halloween party invitations (even if they are virutal parties).

What makes the perfect Barber Shop Quartet voice?

A barber shop quartet is made up of four singers, they usually are all male but all female quartets and mixed groups are becoming more common. With their a capella singing, the three voices harmonzie to the melody of the fourth voice. With repetition and perfect harmonizing, the quartet produces a very pleasing, happy, and nostalgic sound.

Other info for Barber Shop Quartet voice overs

We can't go without mentioning one of the most famous barbershop quartets, the singing busts in Disneyland's Phantom Manor. They are certainly a talented and spooky foursome!