Biker Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Biker voice for your voice over project.

Now, these biker voices are not ones to be trifled with! If you need to voice a tough-as-nails band of gruff, gravel-voiced bikers, then check out these awesome reads. Just don't give 'em any stinkeye at the bar, and it'll all turn out right.

Info for Biker voice Voice-overs

Bikers tend to have a bad reputation, and are seen as first-grade carousers, bad influences, and keeping even worse company. While they're popularly portrayed as take-no-prisoners gangs of outlaws, biker voices can also be about the lone-wolf, free-spirited adventurers who just prefer the open road and a bike with a hefty horsepower over the traditional, binding rules of society. Whether you need to voice a gang of bad hombres (or mujeres!), weekend warriors who take to the highway to let off some steam, or loose cannons who love to live by their own rules, we've got the perfect selection of vbiker voices, with actors and actresses that will deliver pitch-perfect reads every time.

When can you use a Biker voice over?

Ever seen the TV show Sons of Anarchy? It's safe to say that depiction of bikers as outlaws have remained part of American cultural iconography across mediums. Films, TV, animation, and video games certainly love portraying the road-hardened appeal of these iconoclasts. Biker voices can run the gamut between gruff, hostile, and no-nonsense, to... well, gruff, but friendlier, even avuncular, especially if they're taking a new character under their wing, or if they hit it off with the heroes and become allies. Bikers have also been used frequently in ads — if you haven't seen the 2007 Herbal Essencs - Biker ad, you owe it to yourself to do so right now.

What makes the perfect Biker voice?

Gruff, raspy, road-hardened, and battle-ready. Biker voices tend to be on the manly side, and generally sound like they belong to big, tobacco-chewing dudes.