Child Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Child voice for your voice over project.

Children are cute, adorable, and excitable. Free from the jadedness of the world, child voices often sound happy, warm, and honest. But it can also be the opposite – fearful, sad, and distant. Whether it’s an innocent voice or not, a skilled voice-actor can deliver it well.

Info for Child voice Voice-overs

As one of the regular characters brought to life by voice actors, child voices provide innocence and genuineness in all kinds of stories. It’s a vocal style that you can use in many ways. Whether to give life to the young protagonist or a unique child character, a kid’s voice is always endearing. Adult voice actors often play child voices, but an actual child voicing the role is not rare. Whoever you cast for your script, the best will always offer you the perfect characterization. By utilizing a voice actor’s excellent vocal range and accurate delivery, sounding like a kid is an easy feat.

When can you use a Child voice over?

Child voices are a vocal style often seen in projects such as animation, cartoons, gaming, and commercials. Character demos also use it, such as in films and audiobooks. If it’s a project directed for children and the family, the voice of a child is often part of the cast. Use this voice style to appeal to your younger audience.

What makes the perfect Child voice?

Often high-pitched from the excitement, child voices can be both pleasant to listen to and annoying. Other times, they can be shrilly, so much so that you want to cover your ears. But most of the time, the voice of a child sounds sweet and charming that you can’t resist.