Clown Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Clown voice for your voice over project.

Want to entretain a children's birthday party, recreate a circus act, or just want to 'clown around' with your message, video or a video game? Well, then, clown voices might be in order.

Info for Clown voice Voice-overs

The role of a clown is one of the more consistent since it was invented in early history. It is to entretain and drw out laughs out of any audience. A clown goof around, makes funny, gestures, pantomime, does magic tricks, but also tells jokes and speaks in funny voices. Still, sometimes, he can also scare parts of the audience, particularly among its younger members. That is why these days clown voices can be used for almost any entertaining purpose - from cartoons and video games to even horror movies.

When can you use a Clown voice over?

Any audience that is to be entertained is prone to have a positive reaction to clown voices. This is particularly true of children and young adults who can always seek a new TV show, cartoon or a video game with a comic content. On the other hand, depending on the content of the material a clown voice needs to represent, older audiences, particularly those remembering circus days will react positively to clown voices. At the same time, there is a number of horror movies that have seen very effective use of clown voices.

What makes the perfect Clown voice?

A clown's voice can vary from very low to very high, but at all times can sound animated, goofy, detached and above all funny. A voice talent presenting a clown oice often also has a characteristic laugh that is in most cases incorporated in the lines she/he speaks.