Cowgirl Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Cowgirl voice for your voice over project.

Hello, cowgirl in the sand/Is this place at your command? So goes the lyircs from a well-known Neil Young song and those lyrics certainly exemplify in a way the charm and allure that can be achieved with cowgirl voices.

Info for Cowgirl voice Voice-overs

Any viewer who has seen the movie "Toy Story" certainly noticed the voice of Jessie, the yodelling cowgirl which featured in practically all Toy Story sequels. Cowgirl voices always spell down home, down to earth qualities, that can at one hand sound sweet and innocent or sharp and witty. Of course, with all variations in between but always with that essential Southern/Western feel.

When can you use a Cowgirl voice over?

The audience span potential for cowgirl voices is possibly much wider than it might seem at first. The audience for a country music festival or a Western feature event like a rodeo would surely first come to mind. But then the audience for home cooking products or products originating from certain regions would certainly have a positive reaction to cowgirl voices. Of course, a cowgirl voice can also come useful when you need to involve certain more general down home values in your presentation.

What makes the perfect Cowgirl voice?

There are some general elements characteristic for all cowgirl voices. They speak with a specific Southern/Western accent. Their tone can vary from gentle and warm to sharp and even commanding. At the same time, their tempo of speaking is usually slow with each word rolling out with its own tempo. But it can also be a fast-paced, expressing anger or excitement. The key is that it always feels as a grass roots voice.