Fluttershy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Fluttershy voice for your voice over project.

This sweet, shy pony is the epitome of kindness in the My Little Pony franchise. Her voice may be timid, but it's full of kindness and friendship. How can you go wrong with that?

Info for Fluttershy voice Voice-overs

The My Little Pony kingdom is one that represents diversity, acceptance, and friendship. There's no hate here, and it's a perfect time to embrace the love. If you need a voice to embody this, turn to us and we can help you find the perfect Fluttershy voice. She's not only about kindness, but standing up for what is right, too.

When can you use a Fluttershy voice over?

She's a beautiful pony with yellow fur and a gorgeous pink mane and tail. Though she is one of the shyer ponies, she will stand up for herself and her friends when she needs to. Fluttershy is a pegasus, but her real talent is taking care of the animals. When you need a voice that shares compassion, love and friendship, turn to us for a Fluttershy voice. Everyone of all ages loves My Little Pony; you'll have a very happy audience.

What makes the perfect Fluttershy voice?

Fluttershy's voice is very young sounding, laced with kindness and a feminine sound. She is often quiet, but isn't afraid to show some emotion and passion. Yes, it's on the high side, and like other ponies, it's a clear and easy to understand voice.