Frat Boy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Frat Boy voice for your voice over project.

“Bro!!! Last night was epic!!!” Much like the characters portrayed in college movies, frat boys are loud, radical party boys who work in packs and are pushed by the group mentality. And yes, there's always an alfa whose word is the law. Frat boy voices may seem hip and fun, but to some, they are plain annoying.

Info for Frat Boy voice Voice-overs

The frat boy voice is loud, obnoxious and uncalled for, usually in support of other similar voices. The high energy and exaggerated noises, mostly consist of chants and common phrases with repeated and rehearsed replies and mantras_all this just to show the exclusivity of the frat.

When can you use a Frat Boy voice over?

They can be used for commercials and radio and TV promos, especially when trying to highlight a cool, manly product and increase the product's appeal. As they is popular and recognizable from movies and film over the years, frat boy voices can also be used for cool college podcasts, sports programs, and stories.

What makes the perfect Frat Boy voice?

Frat boy voices are hyper, exaggerated, and with obnoxious energy. They can be used to portray a character that is a kiss ass and is trying too hard to look cool. These guys tend to be overconfident in their abilities and have an aura of self-righteousness.

Other info for Frat Boy voice overs

The frat boy voice should portray the character's eagerness to make bad decisions and get into trouble; a hyper personality, willing to party, do drugs, and have lots of fun. The character has no shy-bone in them, and the group mentality helps them get into a lot of trouble.