Guy Next Door Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Guy Next Door voice for your voice over project.

He's your buddy and he's your friend. He's the guy next door with that super friendly voice that everyone knows. Guy next door voices are relatable, engaging, and they just make you feel comfortable. Let us set you up with one on your latest project.

Info for Guy Next Door voice Voice-overs

A big, friendly voice puts everyone at ease. Think Joey from Friends, and you know what we're talking about. You might run into him on the street outside your house or at the grocery store in the chip aisle. When you use guy next door voices for your audio, your audience will feel relaxed and welcome.

When can you use a Guy Next Door voice over?

You can always use guy next door voices for ads and commercials. Who doesn't want to have the mindset of this guy, chill and fun, relaxed and at ease. The audience will also respond to guy next door voices for informative audio, whether about something important and relevant, like wearing masks during the pandemic or something a little less crucial. Don't forget audiobooks and characters; we all just love this voice.

What makes the perfect Guy Next Door voice?

Guy next door voices make everyone feel at ease. The voice is basically offering you a beer or suggesting you go get one with him. He's the friendly guy that gets along with everyone, and his voice is confident and friendly, good natured and relaxed. He's the guy we want to hang around with, usually he sounds like a young adult, maybe just a little older.

Other info for Guy Next Door voice overs

This voice can have any dialect or accent, that might simply add to his happy personality. The guy next door is any good guy, and that makes us love our guy next door voices.