Hero Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Hero voice for your voice over project.

Is there evil afoot in your script? If the world needs saving, and your story calls for a good guy or girl who has a recognizable, powerful voice, then look no further than hero voices.

Info for Hero voice Voice-overs

If your script needs a hero or heroine to step in from the shadows and save the day, then hero voices are the perfect choice for your project. Whether it's super-heroic, goody-two-shoes types who would return a nickel if they found it on the street, to surly antiheroes who begrudgingly side with the forces of good, you'll find the whole spectrum of heroic voices in our amazing pool of vocal talent.

When can you use a Hero voice over?

To say that hero voices are in high demand would be an understatement. From classic superheroes to RPG protagonists with ridiculously large swords, the trope is alive and well across many mediums. Anything from movies to video games run the gamut of heroic personalities, covering every possible permutation, from the stoic paragon who practically stepped out of a Disney movie to Batman types who you just want to give a lozenge to. Ads have sometimes need a hero to step in and put things right, fo course, and sometimes they might be made the butt of the joke when they're shown that their presence may not always be necessary.

What makes the perfect Hero voice?

There's no one-size-fits-all hero voice. From the honest, super-open cliches of children's cartoons to the gritty, reluctant, long-suffering and overdone style of more adult fare, you'll find that there are plenty of styles that are on the side of the angels.