Hipster Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Hipster voice for your voice over project.

There are voices so urbane, sophisticated, and cool that no one seems to have discovered them yet. No, we're not talking about those, they're super mainstream. Hipster voices are for the loafers-with-no-socks, tattoed, endlessly-trending crowd with an entitled, endlessly-shifting sense of cool.

Info for Hipster voice Voice-overs

Let's face it: no one admits to being a hipster, but you know what we're talking about. When your script calls for voices that just say "I know what's cool, and it's stuff nobody's heard about" while sipping specialty coffee from Nicaragua and getting a tattoo of Norwegian musician Aurora, then our hipster voices are just what you're shopping for. it might not be as realistic as taking a trip to Coachella during festival season, but trust us, it's the next best thing.

When can you use a Hipster voice over?

Sometimes hipsters need someone from their own tribe to talk to them, and that's A-OK. Other times, they're made the butt of the joke. In films, video games, and animation, hipsters are typically cast as unbearable characters with an air of superiority who are always chiding protagonists for their lack of style or cool. Or maybe you're on the market for hipster voices that are all about chilling and enjoying the finer things in life. Our excellent talent pool of actors and actresses are ready to bring exactly the style that you need for your project.

What makes the perfect Hipster voice?

Superior, haughty, and slightly dismissive. There's nothing like hipster voices to let you know that you're not cool, stylish, or in-the-know about anything, and that's palpable with every irony-laced word.