Kid Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Kid voice for your voice over project.

Does your script call for the perfect dose of childlike enthusiasm and innocence? Then check out or awesome selection of kid voices to bring your young characters to life and into your audience's heart!

Info for Kid voice Voice-overs

When your story calls for a child character that's cute, unique, engaging (or annoying and easy to hate), then you need the perfect voice to make them a reality. Kid voices are no rarity in the voice over trade. Voiceover families are not uncommon in the voice acting world, and there's a pretty wide selection of talented child actors and actresses looking for their time in the spotlight, or adults with childlike voices who can bring a little more "Oomph!" to reads.

When can you use a Kid voice over?

Children have a place of honor in audiovisual mediums. From protagonists in adventure, platform, action, and RPG games and movies, to incidental characters, or maybe part of the main character's family. Kid voices can run the gamut from fluffy, innocent, and loveable, to angry, resentful, and shrill, depending on your dramatic needs. Kid voices are also used frequently in ads for products targeted and young demographics or families.

What makes the perfect Kid voice?

Kid voices sound, first and foremost, young, with an air of fresh.faced innocence and, of course, a pitch that tends towards the higher end of the scale, as mature vocal qualities are as of yet undeveloped.